Approval to Test

FAQ: Approval to Test

I just received Approval to Test and I don't have an account with TEA. What should I do now?
Go to
www.tea.state.tx.us to create an account with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Look on the top right of the page for "Educator Login" in order to create an account . When creating your profile, enter all of your information very carefully and be sure to use your LETU email address. Typos and using an email account other than your LETU email will prevent you from registering for the state exam. After you create your account, make a note of your TEA ID#, which will be located next to your social security number.  

When creating an account with TEA, I have to choose an application type. What type of applicant am I? Choose EDUCATOR PREPARATION PROGRAM PARTICIPANT since you are in an educator preparation program.

Where can I go at the TEA web site to see my test approval(s)?
Log in at
www.tea.state.tx.us > VIEW EXAMINATIONS.

Do I need my TEA ID# before I can register for an exam?
Yes. Before you can register for an exam with ETS, you must obtain your TEA ID# at
www.tea.state.tx.us  Then go to www.texes.ets.org and click on YOUR ACCOUNT above "Welcome."  Follow the prompts to set up your account with ETS. Once you have established an ETS account, you can proceed to exam registration.

Does all of my information in my TEA profile need to match my ETS profile?
Yes. All of the information in your TEA profile must match exactly with your ETS profile. Additionally, make sure that the email address in both profiles is your LETU email address. To examine your TEA profile, go to
www.tea.state.tx.us   > log in > CHANGE ADDRESS. To examine your ETS profile, go to www.texes.ets.org > YOUR ACCOUNT > log in > EDIT YOUR PROFILE.

While setting up my ETS profile, I was asked my route to certification. Does it matter which route I choose?
Yes. When creating a profile at ETS, you must choose the correct route or you will not be able to see your exam approvals. To check the route you have selected, go to
www.texes.ets.org > YOUR ACCOUNT > log in > EDIT YOUR PROFILE. TRAD and TEACH just select University Initial. PACT and MEd students must choose UNIVERSITY POST-BAC.

What should I do if the ETS website shows that I’ve been approved for an exam that I don’t think is correct?
Students are responsible for ensuring that they register for the correct exam. Contact
BrendaPete@letu.edu immediately if you believe that an error has been made. Do not continue through the registration process until you are sure that you are registering for the correct exam.

What resources can help me better understand the new ETS system?
Go to
www.texes.ets.org and check out the New User Setup Guide and the Test Registration Guide.

What should I do if I need further help with test registration?  

Should I ever change my LETU email address located in my TEA profile?
Yes. Eventually, your LETU email will be discontinued. After the Certification Office has recommended you for standard certification, you should return to your TEA profile in order to change your LETU email address to a personal email. Changing your email address is important because TEA will continue to communicate with you and a working email is necessary for receiving important, timely information regarding your credentials. Change your email address by going to  http://www.tea.state.tx.us > log in > CHANGE ADDRESS. 

 **If we need to get in contact with you for any reason, the way we look for you is through your TEA account, so please always keep it current.**