LeTourneau University’s 36-credit hour Professional MBA degree is designed for the early-career professional (usually 3-7 years’ work experience), who would like to prepare for roles in middle and eventually senior management. It is built on 70 years of LeTourneau excellence in business, technology and engineering education. The MBA has five specializations that can help you tailor the program to your specific interests and work environment: Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Management, and Oil & Gas Management.

LeTourneau's MBA for professionals is designed for those working full-time and who wish to complete their MBA in 2 years or less. Students take core courses in their first year to develop cross-functional business expertise, and then add specialization courses as they enter their second year. And in keeping with LeTourneau's "every workplace, every nation" emphasis on professional service, MBA students go on a 10-day global enterprise trip during Spring break in their 2nd year, as part of their course requirements.


Which MBA specialization should you choose?



If you naturally lean toward creating spreadsheets when evaluating business decisions then an MBA with a specialization in Finance could be a good fit. This specialization is for those seeking to advance their career in investment management or business development to become senior financial managers. This specialization can also lead to professional accreditation as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). The courses for this specialization are:

  • BUSI 6613 Portfolio Management
  • BUSI 6723 Asset Valuation
  • BUSI 6733 International Finance



If you are always looking for ways to increase an organization's efficiency through planning or promotion, then an MBA in General Management may be for you. MBAs with this flexible specialization work with executives to make organizations more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenue, whether as Quality or Production Managers, Operations Managers, Advertising Managers, or Public/Non-Profit Managers. They also work with top executives as Management Consultants. The courses in this specialization are:

  • BUSI 5273 Managerial Economics
  • BUSI 5373 Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • BUSI 6233 Quality and Operations Management



If you are drawn to working with people and believe that business builds profits by putting people first, then an MBA with a specialization in Human Resource Management could be a good fit. MBAs with this specialization support, encourage and build organizational leadership at all levels, whether as Benefits Managers, Training and Development Managers, or Human Resources Managers. The courses in this specialization are:

  • BUSI 6103 Human Resource Management
  • BUSI 5203 Dynamics of Teams and Communities
  • BUSI 5383 Organizational Change and Development



This specialization is useful for any employee of a software IT company, especially as cyber-security has moved to the top of IT departments. MBAs with this focused specialization work as Computer and Information Systems Managers, Information Security Analysts, or executives in IT companies.The courses in this specialization are:

  • BUSI 6813 Software Engineering
  • BUSI 6823 Computer Security
  • ENGR 6743 Project Management



If your background and current employment is in the energy sector, then the Oil and Gas Specialization is perfect. It is focused on both the geochemical issues and financial aspects of this industry. This specialization is mainly focused on the drilling and refinery industries, but could also have application to distribution networks and energy efficiency issues. MBAs with this focused specialization work as Financial Managers, Energy AnalystsIndustrial Production Managers, or even Petroleum Engineers, depending on their prior work experience. The following courses comprise this specialization:

  • BUSI 6713 Oil and Gas Industry
  • BUSI 6723 Asset Valuation
  • BUSI 6763 Petroleum Finance