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David Hansen

The professors aren’t off in some office building you visit once a semester. I am always finding myself stopping by my professor’s offices, asking questions about homework or projects, having dinner in their homes for thanksgiving, fall break, or just because you finished a rough midterm and they want to celebrate. I text some of my profs more than I do my mom and dad (shhh they don’t know this yet). view more...

Julie Smith

I chose to study accounting because I wanted to eventually become a financial counselor. Accounting interested me and when I visited LeTourneau. I met with the accounting professor at that time, Dr. Rowe. Dr. Rowe easily sold the idea of majoring in accounting to me. view more...


Business Administration

Danae Luckert

I chose this major because it was worked best with my interest level.  The flexibility of this major has allowed me to add a Christian Ministry minor without adding an extra semester.  I desire to be in a career that allows me to combine business with ministry, and this degree plan has really given me the foundation I need in order to do that. view more...

 Carlos Cantu

The most important thing I have learned so far is that it is important to be ethical in every decision you make. This concept has come up in many different classes when I did not expect it to. As a Christian, this concept is important to me also.   view more...


Business Management

Zac Alldredge

Overall, I guess you could say I have always loved being able to work hard and make money.  Furthermore, I love working with people and developing relationships.  With a management degree, I can work for just about any company and hopefully impact  people every day – Business Management seemed like a no-brainer.  view more... 

Rachel Storey

I have always wanted to own a small business in which I could incorporate any one of my hobbies or interests, such as sewing, floral design, reading, and cooking. Now I just need to pick one! view more...




Dave Stark

 The thing I love about Finance is that you are taking all aspects of the business world and quantifying it in a way that is helpful in making decisions. I also get to work with and around people, which is a huge deal for me. view more...


 Eric Boone

My favorite aspect of LeTourneau is that it offers small classes that give me many opportunities to ask questions during class, and the professors have always been more than willing to help me understand concepts outside of class as well. view more...



International Business

Joel Foster

My internships have been great. One in Thailand working for a subsidiary of Unilever Aviance working on creating marketing materials for use in expanding into Malaysia, and one in Longview, TX with LIMBS International developing a global distribution and marketing plan for the prosthetic knees they manufacture. view more...

Mercy Liaw

I chose International Business because I knew I wanted to do something in business, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be involved in business globally if at all possible. International Business provided the global emphasis and academic flexibility that I wanted. view more...



Nate Tomaszewski

I love retail and also find the psychology behind peoples buying decisions to be fascinating. My dad is involved in marketing, so it was my default choice. view more...


Ali Goodwin

Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

view more...


Graduate Feature

Greg Poleman ('09)

Strategy & Transformation Consultant

IBM (Global Services Division)

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