Department of History, Political Science & Criminal Justice

Equipping Students to Engage God's World.

At the heart of every degree in our department is a commitment to discovering more about God's world in order to engage it with wisdom and understanding.  While this is something that every department at LeTourneau University seeks to do, every degree and every department is unique in the way it approaches this goal.  In our History and Political Science program, students are equipped to engage their world as leaders by discovering where we have come from, how our society and political systems have developed, and how that enables us to engage our world today in a way that honor's God and honor's our fellow man.  In our Criminal Justice degree program, 

Students of the History, Political Science & Criminal Justice Department know that in order to prepare for the future, we must remember the past.

While at LeTourneau, you will build a foundation of knowledge informed by the values and beliefs of the Christian faith. You will broaden and deepen your understanding of history and political practices, as well as the criminal justice system, as you develop an appreciation for context and sharpen your ability to share your insight.

Research and communication play key roles in the fields of history, political science and criminal justice. Students become proficient researchers and communicators by conducting in-depth research projects using a variety of methods, resources and archival materials and then communicating their findings in both written and oral mediums.

These skills have proven themselves valuable assets in a number of settings and careers, including teaching, graduate school, law school, business and governmental agencies.

Along with traditional History/Political Science and Criminal Justice degrees, we also offer degree programs in the fields of International Studies and Human Services.

The History, Political Science & Criminal Justice Department is not just about academia, it is about preparing for a fulfilling and successful career. Through professors, symposiums, internships, student teaching and other opportunities, you will develop professional connections both inside and outside the university, creating a professional network that will greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job!


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