Faculty & Facilities

Dr. Brent Baas

Professor of Computer Science, Department Chairman

E-mail: BrentBaas@letu.edu

Phone: (903) 233-3341

Courses taught:

  • CS II
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • Game Development
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Computer Theory
  • Program Translation
  • Game Project
  • Web Development

Interests :

  • Software Engineering
  • Game Development

Dr. Kenneth Rouse

Associate Professor of Computer Science

E-mail: KenRouse@letu.edu

Phone: (903) 233-3344

Courses taught:

  • Computer Science I
  • Personal Computing Applications
  • Data Structures
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Database Management Systems
  • Technical Calculus I
  • College Algebra

Interests :

  • Voice Recognition
  • Software Engineering

Mr. Yipkei Kwok

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Email: YipkeiKwok@letu.edu

Phone: (903) 233-3343

Courses Taught:

  • Computer Science I
  • Computer Science II
  • Data Structures
  • Analysis of Algorithms

Dr. Jay-Evan Tevis

Adjunct, Computer Science

Email: JayTevis@letu.edu

Courses Taught:

  • Computer Science I
  • Cyber Crime

Computer Science Facilities

The Glaske Center for Science, Engineering and Technology is the home of the Computer Science Department offices on campus. The offices of all Computer Science professors are conveniently located on one side of the Glaske building, giving each student easy access to professors should he or she require assistance. Explore the Glaske building by visiting our virtual campus map.

However, most computer science courses take place in the computer labs in Longview Hall. Longview Hall shares a building with Heath-Hardwick Hall, home of the Literature & Language Arts, Theology, and History & Political Science departments. A virtual tour of the Longview/Heath-Hardwick Hall building can be viewed on our campus map.

The classrooms in Longview range from smaller classrooms built to facilitate discussion and encourage student-professor interaction, to large, modern computer labs equipped with all the technology and resources needed to ensure that students receive exceptional, hands on instruction.