Faculty of Chemistry and Physics

Dr. Steve BallDr. Steve Ball, Professor of Physics, chair

Office: Glaske O-135

Phone: 903-233-3361

E-mail: StevenBall@letu.edu

Dr. Ball is pictured here with his chaotic pendulum, used to study chaos theory.

Dr. Gary DeBoerDr. Gary DeBoer, Professor of Chemistry

Office: Glaske O-131

Phone: 903-233-3363

E-mail: GaryDeBoer@letu.edu

Dr. DeBoer is pictured here with the tube furnace which has been used by students to make superconductors and may be used in the future to grow nanowires in a collaborative research project with the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC.

Dr. Jerry DobbsDr. Jerry Dobbs, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Office: Texas Eastman

Phone: 903-233-3950

E-mail: jcdobbs@eastman.com

Dr. Vivian Fernand, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: Glaske O-147

Phone: 903.233-3365

Email: VivianFernand@letu.edu


Dr. Michael GentschMr. Michael Gentsch, adjunct instructor of physics

Phone: 903-233-3950

E-mail: MIchaelGentsch@letu.edu

Michael Gentsch is pictured here demonstrating the wave nature of the human voice.

Dr. Edward Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Physics

Office:  Glaske O-137

Phone: 903-233-3364

Email: EdwardHamilton@letu.edu

Dr. Bruce Hathaway, Professor of Chemistry

Office: Glaske O-146

Phone: 903-233-3362

Email: BruceHathaway@letu.edu

Dr. Richard JohnsonDr. Richard Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Office: Glaske O-139

Phone: 903-233-3950

E-mail:  RichardJohnson@letu.edu

Dr. Johnson is pictured here holding a space shuttle tile.  He and Dr. Ford worked on the chemistry of shuttle tile design.

Karen AustinKaren Austin, Academic Secretary

Office: Glaske O-zone

Phone: 903-233-3950

E-mail: KarenAustin@letu.edu

Karen is pictured at her desk coordinating the many activities of the chemistry and physics department.


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