Student Opportunities



  • If you are attracted to medicine or physical therapy and have an interest in travel and humanitarian work, combine your interests by working with our Wheels team! Children with disabilities in the developing world live in rough, demanding environments, and it is critical that their assistive devices fit their needs and environment well. The research done by the Wheels team will enable children around the world to have more functional wheelchairs.

  • The goal of the Wheels research team is to provide objective data on the functionality of wheelchairs in less-resourced settings. This data will provide feedback to manufacturers, which will enable them to modify designs, and will help clinicians make better prescriptions of wheelchairs.

  • Biology and kinesiology students work under the supervision of Karen Rispin to design outcomes measure protocols, and travel with Wheels to apply their work. In doing so, they make a difference in many children's lives. How many undergraduate biology programs let you to do that, or provide the same kind of volunteer service, international travel, clinically related experience, and undergrad research that graduate schools are looking for?

  • Check out more info on biology students working with Wheels.


International Learning: Best Semester

BestSemester provides off-campus study programs through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). LeTourneau University, a member of the CCCU, offers these programs as semester-long academic experiences.

To learn more about BestSemester and other international opportunities, check out our Office of International Studies.