AEA Pilot Pipeline Program Details

LeTourneau University and American Eagle Airlines (AEA) have partnered and are proud to offer our “American Eagle Pipeline Program.” This incredible opportunity allows qualified Certified Flight Instructors at LeTourneau University to transition seamlessly into a career as an Airline Pilot. Successful pilots who enter and complete the American Eagle Pipeline Program can look forward to transitioning directly to American Eagle as a First Officer.

The program has 4 phases:

  • Pipeline Student – Students must meet minimum entry requirements. AEA and LeTourneau will monitor performance of students in the Pipeline Program. Students will attend mentoring events sponsored by AEA and LeTourneau University and must satisfy Pipeline Student Requirements in order to proceed to Phase Two. They must obtain Instrument, Commercial Multi-Engine, and Flight Instructor Certificates through LeTourneau’s program.
  • Pipeline Instructor – Graduates serve as flight instructors as AEA employees, eligible for AEA health benefits and travel privileges. Once ATP minimums and 50 hours multi-engine experience are reached, instructors are placed into new hire pilot training at AEA.
  • American Eagle First Officer – Pipeline Instructors who enter into First Officer training and sign a two year letter of commitment will receive a $10,000 scholarship.
  • Interview with American Airlines - As part of the Pilot Pipeline Program recruiting effort, American Airlines has agreed to grant all pilots hired by American Eagle after October 2011 a guaranteed interview. This interview is subject to the arrangement between American Eagle and American Airlines.

Pipeline Student Entry Requirements:

Eligible students who elect to enter the program must

  • Be recommended by LeTourneau University and successfully complete an interview with AEA.
  • Have a minimum of 30 semester hours of college work with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in AERF and AERO courses at LeTourneau.
  • Have completed or be enrolled in a LeTourneau University flight curriculum that includes Commercial Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor Certificates.
  • Hold at least an Instrument Rating earned through LeTourneau University.
  • Sign an agreement authorizing AEA and LeTourneau University to review the pilot’s academic, aeronautical, and other university and FAA records, and allow monitoring of attendance records, traffic violations, FAA actions, flight training records, and criminal records. These records must remain within AEA’s current hiring parameters at all times.

Pipeline Student Completion Requirements:

  • Students must be competitive and meet the same standards of interview and employment required of other candidates applying for pilot positions with AEA.
  • Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Flight Instructor certificates and ratings must be obtained through LeTourneau University.
  • Students must complete the following courses whether or not they are included in their specific degree plan:
    • AERO 3213 Electronic Navigation And Flight Control Systems
    • AERO 4123 Commercial Flight Operations
    • AERO 4133 Crew Resource Management
  • Students must be United States citizens or possess the legal right to work in the U.S., including the right to travel to/ from the cities American Eagle serves.
  • Students must successfully complete the testing and panel interview processes listed.
    • Human Resources Interview upon registration
    • Technical Interview upon completing CFI
    • Simulator Evaluation upon completing CFI
  • Upon successful completion of the student phase, graduates will be given a conditional offer of employment for a Pipeline Instructor position with American Eagle.

Pipeline Instructor Requirements:

In order for graduates to receive the conditional offer of employment as a Pipeline Instructor, they must meet the following requirements prior to employment with AEA:

  • Graduate with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in their cumulative aviation courses, and;
  • Be eligible for employment by LeTourneau University or other flight schools participating in the AEA Pipeline Program as an instructor pilot, and;
  • Maintain an excellent work ethic and obtain letter(s) of recommendation from LeTourneau University’s Director of Flight Operations, or designee, and;
  • Receive a final letter of recommendation from the Dean of the School of Aeronautical Science, or designee, and pass any final drug and background checks deemed necessary by AEA.

First Officer Requirements:

In order for Pipeline Instructors to be placed into First Officer training at AEA, they must meet the following requirements prior to the start of that training:

  • Hold a First Class Medical Certificate;
  • Pass any background checks required by FAA, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, AEA, or any governmental department, administration, or agency;
  • Acquire minimum hours required for First Officers.



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