Military Aviation Alumni

Lt. Colonel Todd de Groot, United States Air Force, LETU Class of 1986

"I'm currently an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel flying VIP airlift as an instructor/evaluator pilot in the C-32, which is a specially configured Boeing 757. Looking back at a twenty-year military career, I'm convinced that LeTourneau University prepared me well by equipping me an excellent foundation of aviation skills, but more importantly, by instilling in me the integrity needed for success as an officer and aviator. I've enjoyed flying all over the world, being introduced to many new cultures and getting to work with some top-notch people."  Read more...


Lt. Colonel Timothy Golike, United States Marine Corps, LETU Class of 1975

"Timothy Golike joined the Marine Corps through the PLC(A) program while attending LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas, where he was president of the student council and listed among "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities.” He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps during November 1975 after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology with the aviation option." Read more...


David Johnson, United States Navy, LETU Class of 2002

"I graduated from LeTourneau in 2002 and went to Pensacola, Fla., shortly after to attend Officer Candidate School. Once I was commissioned as an Officer, I went to Aviation Preflight Indoctrination, which is a lot of classroom time and studying. After this, I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, to start Primary flight training in VT-27. In Primary, we flew the T-34, which is a high-performance, single-engine turboprop. After I finished Primary, I was one of the few lucky ones who selected jets." Read more...


 Lt. Chris "Junior" Nesset, United States Navy, LETU Class of 2001

"I am a 2001 LETU Aeronautical Science graduate. Following graduation, I attended Navy OCS and was commissioned in September 2001. Following two years of flight school, I was winged as a Naval Aviator in September 2003. Out of flight school, I selected EA-6B Prowlers. The Prowler is a carrier-based tactical jet whose primary mission is electronic warfare." Read more...


David Prewitt, United States Air Force, LETU Class of 1986

"I served a little over 10 years in the USAF as a pilot following graduation from LeTourneau. I studied MT/FT at LeTourneau and graduated in '86. The following summer I entered USAF Officers Training School, was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and then completed a year of USAF pilot training. I was then assigned as an instructor in the T-37, which at the time was the primary USAF jet trainer. I served as an instructor at two locations over the next six years and then transitioned to the U-2." Read more...


Captain Daniel "Waldo" Silk, United States Air Force, LETU Class of 2003

"I graduated in ’03 with a degree in aeronautical science. During my junior and senior years, I worked at the hangar as a Flight Instructor and then moved on to corporate work for about a year and half before I got into the Air Force. I met my wife Rachel at LeTourneau (an '02 elementary education grad) during my sophomore year, and we got married less than a year later." Read more...


Captain David "Sofa" Stark, United States Marine Corps, LETU Class of 2000

"I graduated from LeTourneau in 2000 with a B.S. in aeronautical science , electrical concentration. My freshman year, I enrolled in the USMC Platoon Leaders’ Course program. While at LeTourneau, I attended Officer Candidate School during the summer. Upon graduation, I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the USMC. My first year in the military I attended the Basic School and Infantry Officer's Course. After these, I attended Naval Flight School. I selected the F-18 after completion of flight school in June 2003. " Read more...

Major David "T-Bone" Trombly, United States Marine Corps, LETU Class of 1992

"Major Trombly was born in Methuen, Mass., on Aug. 15, 1969, the first day of “ Woodstock,” but he was not in attendance. He attended LeTourneau University from 1987 to 1992, where he masterfully crammed a four-year aviation technology bachelor’s degree into five years, in order to get some extra playing time on the LeTourneau soccer team, as well as taking some time off from flying to pursue a minor in theology." Read more...


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