Bruce Smith

Aeronautical Science, Aviation Technology '79

President, CEO, Wycliffe Associates

Q. What do you like best about your career?

“I am doing what I absolutely love. My involvement in missions has enabled me to travel to 87 countries.” 

Q. How did LeTourneau University prepare you?

“What LeTourneau taught me was how to think, to solve problems.  It wasn’t just accumulating information to pass a test.  Here’s how life works.  I went into management positions and never had any difficulty in the quality of mechanics or flight. I was never second best to anybody.  I was at the level of excellence in the profession.”

Q. What are some special memories of your time here at LeTourneau University?

“Roger (Carr) modeled real Christianity, in professional aviation, as a father, husband and as a friend.  He taught me something about airplanes along the way, but what I really remember is what he taught me about God. I remember using Carr’s personal airplane, an old J3 Cub, which he kept for the sole purpose of letting students enjoy it.  LeTourneau had about three planes, and flying wasn’t part of the maintenance degree.  We lived in barracks in LAS back then. I’ve got friends from college as close 26 years later as we were in college.”