Kingdom Air Corps - Alaska 2011

Rainbow the last night of camp at 10:30 pm.

Joel King and Daniel LaFon replace strut on Cessna 206.

Jon, Patrick, Daniel LaFon and Daniel Cooper after a formation flight.

Charles, Rachelle, Jason and Eric inspecting local mining equipment.

Charles, Rachelle, Ms. Teerink and Ken inspecting magnetos.

A glacier near Harding Ice Field.

Mr. Poelman's photo op with a "Funk" aircraft.

Students perform an oil change before flying to camp.

Inspections class in the cafeteria collaborating on homework.

Playing games on the runway at camp.

Ms. Teerink, Grace and Rachelle enjoying a moment by a glacial river.

A Cessna 170 taking off from Kingdom Air Corps.

Students waiting at airport to depart for camp in the Arctic Circle.

Students by hangar at Kingdom Air Corps.

Eric Buntrock, Eric Barth and Asher Sherburne at Hatcher's Pass.

Sightseeing for Dall Sheep in Brooks Mountain Range.

Simon tends the "nightly" campfire.

Dan, Charles, Tim and Jason inspecting a C152's engine.

Asher and Jason showing their competitive side.

Inspections class preparing for river canoeing.

First flight after resealing the floats.

The Poelmans with students visiting the glacier near Kingdom Air Corps.

Preparing to take kids home after camp.

Mr. Teerink working with students on a tail wheel.

Mr. Poelman beary comfortable on day outing.

Charles preparing to fly the Super Cub.

Students doing a good will project for neighbor on the 4th of July.

Jon Wenrich waiting to take off behind the Cessna 170.

Mrs. Poelman and Norman Fleet roasting S'mores on canoe trip.

Students hanging out with CJ and Autumn Miller, Bible Camp Directors.

A Cessna 182 flying up to camp.

Norman and Taryn Fleet by a C170 at Kingdom Air Corps.

Barry testing the rudder pedals in the "Funk" aircraft.

Students take a day cruise past Resurrection Bay.

Inspection students saying farewell to others leaving for Bible Camp.

Ms. Teerink and Rose playing runway games.

Refueling the C206 on the way to camp.

Students take a break to go on a day outing.

Eric and Rachelle laboring on inspections class homework.

Cessna 206 flying over Kingdom Air Corps.


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