Past Competitions

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The LeTourneau University STING Precision Flight Team competes annually in the NIFA SAFECON Competition.
Regional competitions are held in the fall, and national competitions are held during the summer.


Regional Competition

National Competition

2014 TBD Fifteenth Place
2013 First Place Thirteenth Place
2012 Second Place Seventeenth Place
2011 First Place Seventeenth Place
2010 First Place Eleventh Place
2009 First Place Eleventh Place


National Results

Colombus, OH Summer 2014 (Top 20)

Regional Results

Ruston, LA Fall 2013 (Top 10)

Message Drop

Cameron Laramee and Gregg Williams, 10th

Computer Accuracy

Daniel Tou, 14th

Cameron Laramee, 16th

Ground Trainer
Cameron Laramee, 13th
Crew Resource Management
Gregg Williams and Cameron Laramee, 2nd
IFR Simulated Flight Ranking
Daniel Tou, 1st

Cameron Laramee, 16th

Judge's Trophy

LeTourneau University, 9th



Whitney Brouwer and Cameron Laramee, 1st

Gregg Williams and Joshua O'Connor, 3rd

Daniel Tou and Bryan Stankovich, 4th

Power Off Landing

Gregg Williams, 1st

Cameron Laramee, 7th

Short Field Approach and Landing

Gregg Williams, 8th

Message Drop

Daniel Tou and Ward Hurlburt, 1st

Cameron Laramee and Gregg Williams, 4th

Joshua O'Connor and Bryan Stankovich, 5th

Jacob Weeks and Kyle Gould, 7th

Computer Accuracy

Whitney Brouwer, 2nd

Cameron Laramee, 3rd

Daniel Tou, 6th

Sheldon Bacher, 7th

Kyle Gould, 10th

Aircraft Recognition

Jacob Weeks, 1st

Bryan Stankovich, 2nd

Ward Hurlburt, 5th

Gregg Williams, 6th

Kyle Gould, 9th

Ground Trainer

Dainel Tou, 1st

Cameron Laramee, 2nd


Sheldon Bacher, 3rd

Daniel Tou, 4th

Joshua O'Conner, 8th

Aircraft Preflight Inspection

Daniel Tou, 3rd

Gregg Williams, 7th

Top Pilot Award

Gregg Williams

Top Scoring Female Contestant

Whitney Brouwer

Visit the official NIFA website for all the past NIFA SAFECON results.