Advisory Committee

The LETU School of Aeronautical Science regularly collaborates with aviation professionals to ensure our programs maintain the standard of excellence and innovation our school is known for.

Many of these men and women got their start here; twenty out of twenty-three are LeTourneau alumni. Some have worked at one company, started in an entry level position, taken on increasing responsibilities, and now serve as executives. Some served with our country’s military as pilots (including flying Air Force 2), retired, and now fly as civilians. These aviation professionals fly, repair, design, investigate what went wrong in accident situations, and recruit for mission agencies. They manage airports, departments, and companies.

These industry experts bring years of real-world experience to help us hone our programs and curriculum, ensuring that our students graduate with degrees that meet and surpass industry standards.

 Systems Subcommittee

Joe Hampton

Airport Manager,
Wayne County Airport
High Power Aviation

Alumnus: 2010

Previously: Jetcrafters


Norm Kopesky

ODA Site Program Administrator,
Gulfstream Aerospace

Alumnus: 1978


Phil Olson

AO Aviation, LLC

Alumnus: 1977

Previously: Electrical Engr. Supervisor at
Cessna Avionics


Luke Abbott

Covington Aircraft Engines


Alumnus: 1992

Previously: Short-term Mission Pilot with MAF


Eldon Anderson

General Aviation OE
Account Manager,
Michelin Aircraft Tire




Christine Bowers

CMP Analyst,
Gulfstream Aerospace


 Alumna: 2008

Seth Buttner

Senior Accident Investigator,
American Eurocopter


Alumnus: 1994

Previously: Aircraft Accident Investigator, Cessna Aircraft

Larry Huntley

Logistics Support Manager,
EADS North America


Alumnus: 1978

Previously: Technical Support Manager at American Eurocopter

James Prater

Turbine Engines Services Manager,
Duncan Aviation


 Alumnus: 1994

Mike Bunn

Aviation Training,

Alumnus: 1988

Flight Subcommittee

Joel Barker



Alumnus: 1981

Previously: Mission Helicopter Pilot & Mechanic, Helimission; FBO, Owner Operator FAR 141, 135, 145

Mike Bresnahan

Virgin America
Alumnus: 1995

Todd DeGroot

First Officer,
FedEx Express

Alumnus: 1986

Previously: Lt. Col., US Air Force, RET

William "Dub" Splawn

Southwest Airlines
Previously: US Air Force, RET

Jennifer Bartram

Home Depot Aviation


Alumna: 1994



Chris Bena

First Officer,
Alaska Airlines


Alumnus: 1993



Aaron Lorson

Executive Vice President,
Dynamic Aviation


 Alumnus: 1998

Dan Lucas

Chief Pilot,
EAM Management


 Alumnus: 1989

Wendy Paver

Exxon Mobil


  Alumna: 1989

Mark Williams



Air Traffic Control Subcommittee


Paul Diffenderfer

Project Team Manager,


Alumnus: 1978

Previously: FAA Air Traffic Controller (Retired)


Dan Gutwein

Senior Advisor to Director of Central Terminal Ops,


Alumnus: 1979

Jeff Kleinbeck

Support Specialist Minneapolis TRACON,

Alumnus: 1975

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