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  • Learning Resource Center (Library) Hours for Fall Break
    The Learning Resource Center will follow the hours listed below for our upcoming Fall Break.

    Closed Saturday through Sunday, October 18 and 19.
    8 am through 5 pm Monday and Tuesday, October 20 and 21. 

    This notice expires 10/22/2014.
    Posted by Matthew
  • Longview Hall computer lab hours Fall Break 2014
    The longview hall lab hours will be shortened for Fall Break as follows:

    Sat 10/18– 10am-10pm
    Sun 10/19– 2pm-10pm
    Mon&Tue 10/20,21– 10am-12am

    This notice expires10/21/2014
    Posted by Peter Austin
  • (RESOLVED) Online Student Account Payments Currently Unavailable
    The issue affecting the Online Student Account Payments service was resolved Tuesday morning, 10/14. As always, any issues with any Information Technology service, please call us at 903-233-3500 or email at

    Thank you.

    Posted by Kater

    The fifth annual IT yard sale will be Friday, October 24, 2014 from 2pm to 4pm in the IT parking lot. We expect to have a cornucopia of technology including used computers, monitors, switches, servers, cell phones (no SIM card), and other mechanistic miscellany.
    Come early for the best pickin's
    This notice expires 10/24/2014.
    Posted by Peter Austin
  • (RESOLVED) WiFi Interruption (5:30PM, Oct 1, 2014)
    (5:30PM) We have resolved an additional issue affecting wireless connections on LETU sites. While unrelated to the earlier issue, it had a similar effect to the original unrelated issue at 2:30pm (wifi interruptions for some users). This issue should now be fully resolved.

    Thank you for your patience!


    At 3:00pm we resolved an issue affecting network registration also caused interruptions to wireless access for some users.

    The length of the interruption for those affected would have been approximately 2:30-3:00pm.

    Thank you!

    Ken Johnson
    Director for Network and Telecommunication Services
    Information Technology 

    Posted by Ken Johnson
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