Dr. Adonyi

Dr. Yoni Adonyi

Yoni Adonyi


 Website: www.adonyi.com/yoni

Omer Blodgett Chair of Welding and Materials Joining Engineering
Glaske Room 105    (903) 233-3918      (903) 233-3901 (fax)

• PhD, The Ohio State University, 1989
• MSc, The Ohio State University, 1986
• BSc, Timisoara Polytechnic, Romania, 1976

Academic Posts:

Adjunct Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, 1984;  Professor, Welding and Materials Joining Engineering, LeTourneau University, 1996-present

Teaching Areas

Welding and joining processes, metallurgy, design, power systems, nondestructive testing

Research Areas:

Ferrous welding metallurgy, gas/metal reactions, welding arc plasma physics

Industry Areas:

Joining process and design optimization, failure analysis, weldability testing

Current Research Projects:

"Nitrogen effects on weldability of advanced high strength steel sheets for automotive applications”

“Coating type and weight optimization in through-deck stud welding for steel structures”

Recent and Representative Publications :

Adonyi, Y., Palotas, B., Orosz, Cs. “ Weldability of AHSS for Automotive Applications”, 7th International Conference on Trends in Welding Research, ASM International, Pine Mountain, GA, May 2005  

Professional Awards:

Excellence in Oral Presentation, SAE 1991; Adams Memorial Membership Award, AWS, 2000, Best Roll Paper Awards, ISS, 2002



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