Global Partners

LeTourneau University is striving to build a globally minded campus. This means setting partnerships with the global community, both to bring international students here and send our nationals out. Here are a few of our partners who have made this possible.



"HGU began in 1995 with a vision to establish a university with a strong emphasis on character development as well as academic excellence. In a global society dominated by secular values and an increasing lack of moral imperatives, Handong purposes to educate and equip students to become exemplary leaders who will serve in their respective professions with integrity, wisdom, and moral courage."



"The main purpose of Hanyang University is to nurture competent Hanyangians furnished with the knowledge and skills with which they are able to realize their own ideals, ultimately making a leading contribution to the prosperity of the community, both nationally and internationally."



"Hannam University was established in 1956 by American missionaries of the Southern Presbyterian Church of the United States (currently PCUSA). As a Christian University, Hannam has never faltered in maintaining its Christian roots as it has a uniquely Christian atmosphere that places emphasis on truth, freedom, and service."



"Founded on the Christian spirit of faith, hope and love, Kwandong University has been vigorously striving to cultivate men and women of integrity and ability, who will contribute to the promotion of world peace and human culture."



"The Global Assessment Certificate™ (GAC) program is an internationally recognized university preparation program for students who do not have English as their first language. It is a product of ACT Education Solutions, Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACT Inc)."

Brazil Scientific Mobility Program  (BSMP)


"The Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP)* is a one-year, non-degree program for Brazilian students to study abroad in the United States. BSMP is part of the Brazilian government's larger initiative to grant 100,000 Brazilian university students the opportunity to study abroad at the world's best colleges and universities."

Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover


"In 1831, founded by the scholar Karl Karmarsch, the “Higher Trade School of Hannover” started with only 64 students. Today there are around 24,000 students in the natural sciences and engineering, the humanities and social sciences as well in law and economics.

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM)


The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM), implements Saudi national educational and training policies to provide our country with qualified individuals capable of achieving the country's goals of progress and development. We strive to provide our students with the best possible educational opportunities at the best educational institutions in the U.S.A. We support our students academically and financially so that they may concentrate on achieving their academic goals.

Polytechnic University Of Africa


"The Polytechnic University has worked since its inception to the implementation of partnerships both in the educational field in the professional field to provide its students with a quality education that combines excellence in program content and an anchor in the professional world, That in the interest of the ongoing appropriateness of our training to market demand and bring professionalism necessary for successful integration into the world of work."

University of Southern Queensland


"The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has forged a reputation as one of Australia's leading providers of on-campus and online (distance) education programs in Australia. With more than 75 percent of students studying via distance or online, our delivery of external education resources continues to lead the way."



"SchoolApply launched in 2016 with more than 4,000 universities and colleges listed in the US, UK, Canada and more. Our ultimate goal is to match all students in the world with great academic programs abroad that fit their needs and potential."