CGSL: The Opportunity

The faculty members of LeTourneau University have been blessed with unique resources, expertise and ingenuity. As our world becomes smaller, we grow increasingly aware of communities around the globe that are in desperate need of the skills and resources that we possess. We have the opportunity to use our skills and resources in order to develop sustainable solutions that will ease human suffering and demonstrate God’s redeeming love.

The Center for Global Service Learning (CGSL) seeks to encourage and empower faculty and students to use their expertise and ingenuity to work collaboratively and in a multidisciplinary fashion to solve real-world problems in developing communities.

Global Service Learning projects will provide students the opportunity to apply their college education in a multidisciplinary, global setting, teaching them to use their skills to serve the world. Through Global Service Learning projects, students will become active participants in their host location, engaging with members of the community and developing skills that will ultimately make them more responsible global citizens.

The impact of these Global Service Learning projects can be transformational for both the students and faculty, as well as for those communities around the world that will benefit from these initiatives.

“I will bless you…so that you will be a blessing” (Genesis 12:2).


  GSL Grant Application

Mary K. Tiller

Director, Global Service Learning