LETU Fight Song Contest

Be Famous – Write the Lyrics to LETU's Fight Song!

LETU Needs a Fight Song: Why?

  • To rally our athletes to victory
  • To inspire school spirit and pride
  • To unite students/alumni around our shared experience
  • To balance the more solemn Alma Mater with a more spirited song

When Will it be Played?

  • Intramural contests
  • Intercollegiate athletic contests
  • Club sports contests–rugby, ultimate Frisbee, etc.
  • A variety of ‘festive’ events on campus

What Do I Do?

  • Working alone or in a group, write the lyrics:
    • 8 simple lines of song (rhyming pattern of your choice)
      • ABABCDCD and AABBCCDD are two popular styles but are not required
    • Some words to consider but are not mandatory:
      • L-E-T-U, blue and gold, Buzz, fight, win, victory, YellowJacket, Jackets, sting
    • Consider adding a chant in the middle or at the end
    • Submit to studentlife@letu.edu by Friday, October 25

Additional Rules

  • Contest is open to all student, faculty, staff and alumni
  • Committee will recommend up to three songs to the president for final selection
  • Committee and president has the option to change some of wording to fit the music when it is written
  • Committee and president reserve the right to make no selection or extend the deadline

What is the Prize?

  • $250 cash prize
  • Recognized as author of LETU Fight Song lyrics
  • Participate in unveiling of Fight Song

Examples of Fight Songs:

 University of North Texas
Notre Dame

University of Michigan

Baylor University



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