The LETU Brand


It's a New Brand Day @ LeTourneau University

It may seem strange to think of a university as a "brand." The concept of a brand identity is one that is certainly not foreign to business, but it is not the normal vocabulary for a university. There are many likely reasons why that is the case, not the least of which is that the "product" that we "sell" is no less than a life-changing rite-of-passage for most of our students. For the 18-year-old high school graduate, LeTourneau University works hard to build a foundation of educational excellence, occupational training, and passionate faith that sets their lives on a course of success. For our students who are working adults already, our aspirations aren't much different. We simply acknowledge that many aren't "building a foundation" as much as working to solidify theirs.

We understand that our product is complex. Our outcomes are life-changing. Our people are hard-working and faithful. Our students are simply the best you could find anywhere. We knew these things. What we didn't know were the answers to a couple simple yet profound questions: How does the world view us from outside? What do people think of when they think of us? What concepts and words come to mind? Those five squares below each contain a phrase that is the result of an entire year of research to answer these questions. We set out to distill our "brand" down to its base and most resonating elements that capture our "truest self." In a world where students have the option of thousands of universities, we need to know and to communicate what makes us unique. We need to do it with a fresh vocabulary and use the words that our students, faculty, friends, and the outside world uses. 



Branding Results

So how did we arrive at our results? Click here to read about the branding process at LETU.

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