Alumni Profile: Warren Habib ('85)

5 Questions with Warren Habib ('85)

President | Title Services
EVP | Baird & Warner (Chicago, IL)

Accounting, LeTourneau School of Business & Technology
Aviation Technology, LeTourneau School of Aviation & Aeronautical Science

What brought you to LETU?

 A four-year aviation program with a Bachelor of Science opportunity that had Christian values.

How would you describe your LETU Experience?

My experience at LeTourneau was about relationship building - I made some very good friends and was stretched by the diversity in thinking.


Did any professors have a significant impact?

There were a number of them. In particular three - two business professors and an aviation instructor (I dated his daughter for a bit). They were people who invested in me and were great sounding boards. They gave wise direction and counsel. 


How has LETU prepared you for your career?

I think the labs and working together in groups were most significant. They taught me the skill of problem solving and figuring it out independently or in a group. 

What advice would you give to LETU students?

Explore, try new things and don't underestimate what you can do!


 "Explore, try new things and don't underestimate what you can do!"