Alumni Profile: Joe Beckham ('92)

5 Questions with Joe Beckham ('92)

Head of Welding Engineering
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Auburn Hills, Michigan)

LeTourneau School of Engineering, Welding Concentration 

What brought you to LETU?

LETU was one of the only Christian schools at the time that had an excellent engineering program.  A LETU recruiter came to my high school to talk to a friend.  I knew that LETU was where I needed to go. Proverbs 3:5-6 is my life verse. Trusting in the LORD with all our hearts means that when He leads, you move.


How would you describe your LETU Experience?

Though saved at a young age, it was at LETU that my faith became mine and I began to work out who I was in Christ. Many of my favorite life  stories come from my time at LETU. Several lifelong friendships began at LETU.  Through KZX, I have godly friends/mentors that span from the 1960’s through to today’s current members.  My life verse is the KZX house verse.  I met my wife Wendy at LETU.  How could it have been any better?


Did any professors have a significant impact?

This is a tough question because so many of them did. The professors have a strong compassion for the students.  
Mr. Bill Kielhorn and his commitment to the welding engineering students is a definite standout. His faith in Christ and his unwavering perseverance is an inspiring testimony and a phenomenal example to follow.  
Another standout was Dr. B. Kyun Lee who once opened chapel by praying in Korean.  I had no idea what he was saying, but I knew with Whom he was talking.  He so passionately brought his love and concern for us students to the very throne of his Father that it changed the way I pray even to this day.


How has LETU prepared you for your career?

Technical training without a doubt, but that is only part of the answer. Some of our lab projects required time to diagnose why certain equipment did not function properly. We had to use ingenuity to fix the issue so that the lab could be completed on time. This is a skill that has been invaluable to me in my career. It taught me how to logically finding root cause problems and creatively resolve them while under time and budget constraints.  


What advice would you give to LETU students?

Col. 3:22-25 Go hard! No great stories ever come from floating in the lazy river lap after lap.  They only come from fighting the rapids and surviving the floods.  
Expect hardship, expect disappointment, expect joy and KNOW our God is ALWAYS faithful.  He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV.  

“It was at LETU that my faith became mine and I began to work out who I was in Christ.”