Career & Calling

 Career & Calling


Identify Your Calling

Are you confused about your calling vs. your career? How do these things work together?

Key Career Tips: Resume 

Whether it be your first job or your third, searching for and landing a new job takes preparation. Learn some key tips about resume design and what should (and should not!) be on there. 

Work Attire

Wondering what in the world you should wear to work? Are jeans considered "business casual" or do I have to wear a suit every day? Help!

Meeting & Dining Etiquette

Like it or not, meetings are a frequent part of many jobs. Some are casual, some include formal presentations while others take place during a meal. Learn some key etiquette tips to help you in a variety of meeting environments. 


Developing Your Network 

You keep hearing about "networking" but what does that even mean?! Let's talk about what your "network" is and a few ways to build on yours. 

Preparing for Your First Day of Work 

You landed the job and your first day is tomorrow... What should you do to get ready??


Building a Great Relationship with Human Resources 

Alumna and HR professional Stacy Winsett ('96) shares how to build a great relationship with the Human Resources team from Day #1