Television Services

Access to LETU Television services is provided to all on-campus residential students as well as in selected student commons. To report trouble with your television service, please send email to support@letu.edu or call us at (903) 233-3500.

TV Line-up

For a full listing of programming offered please view the LETU Digital TV Lineup guide. An electronic guide is also available on LETU Channel 20.1.

Selecting a TV

We recommend reviewing our LETU TV/Video FAQ articles for recommended digital TV brands as well as information on brands of TVs which may have problems with our LETU system.

Setting up your TV

Please use a high-quality coaxial cable to connect your TV. We recommend cables with screw-on connectors (instead of push-on connectors which may not provide a good connection).

While all channels are digital, only those marked "HD" on the guide above are in HD. The rest are digital-quality SD channels.