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Oh, there you are, Apartment 3. Hi! Welcome back to LetNet. https://t.co/cA8TQLEhUv
Fri Aug 18 16:34:09 CDT 2017
All failed network equipment in EDUC has been brought back online.
Fri Aug 18 12:25:11 CDT 2017
Apartment 7 is back online.
Fri Aug 18 10:36:29 CDT 2017
Confirmed equipment failure in APT3, APT7, EDUC. Acquiring and configuring replacement gear. We expect all 3 to be… https://t.co/NCpkaFjYWO
Fri Aug 18 09:31:04 CDT 2017
Some buildings have yet to recover from last night's power outage. Investigating failed equipment in APTs 3 and 7, as well as EDUC.
Fri Aug 18 08:07:41 CDT 2017
Scheduled maintenance for www, antispam, https://t.co/LmeLkQZVuP, and Tutortrac is complete.
Fri Aug 18 06:21:45 CDT 2017
Scheduled maintenance for www.letu.edy, antispam, https://t.co/LmeLkQIkDh, and Tutortrac is underway.
Fri Aug 18 05:28:55 CDT 2017
Thanks, Buzz, for stopping by to help us restore IT services like MyLETU. You put the fear of the sting into those… https://t.co/1NKYkyuldu
Thu Aug 17 12:08:17 CDT 2017
Service to https://t.co/LmeLkQIkDh, https://t.co/9qrjJwcpJy, antispam, and Tutortrac has been restored.
Thu Aug 17 11:31:41 CDT 2017
https://t.co/9qrjJwcpJy. Tutortrac, antispam, and myLETU are currently offline. We are working to bring these services back ASAP.
Thu Aug 17 10:32:52 CDT 2017

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