The official policies of LeTourneau University can be found at the University Policies link at http://www.letu.edu/policy/index.html.  Other university publications including the Student Handbook, the LeTourneau University Catalog, and other policy and procedures handbooks/manuals created by individual offices within the university are subject to the policies contained in this university policies index. Each of these publications contain important information related to university functioning.

The Student Handbook contains policies that apply to traditional students at the Longview Campus and non-traditional students when participating in activities at the Longview campus.

The LeTourneau University Catalog provides information on traditional degree programs and academic policies for traditional courses/students.

Divisions may develop policy and procedures manuals that describe the functioning of their offices. These Divisional Policy and Procedure Statements (DPPS) specify policies and attendant procedures that guide each division in executing areas of responsibility. Divisional policy has a narrow scope and has potential for impact to a limited unit or Cabinet area. The three divisions are Finance & Administration, Provost, and President.

University Policy and Procedure Statements (UPPS) is institutional policy and attendant procedures that have a wide scope and the potential for university-wide impact on staff, faculty, and/or students. UPPS provide behavior guidelines and communicate responsibilities, rights, or regulations that are instituted by the University. These policies must go before the President’s Cabinet for approval.