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Catalog 2012-2013

Course Descriptions

All courses described in this section are listed alphabetically by course prefix and are coded to guide students in course selections. Prefix letters designate the department responsible for teaching the course. The first digit of the number indicates the year in which the course is normally taken; the next two digits identify the specific course within the department; and the last digit indicates the credit value of the course in semester hours.

For example, course number MATH 1203 represents: "MATH" a mathematics course, "1" normally taken during the freshman year, "20" differentiating it from other freshman level courses in mathematics, and "3" receiving 3 semester hours of credit.

Courses designated as leadership courses by the Center for the Development of Christian Leadership will appear with an (L) after the course title.

Some courses will have specific prerequisites or corequisites listed in the course descriptions. Prerequisites must be taken before the student can enroll in the course in question while corequisites must be taken at the same time. Also included in the descriptions are the number of hours each week students can expect to spend in the classroom and how many they will spend in the laboratory for that course.

Unless otherwise indicated at the end of the course description, courses are normally offered in both the fall and spring semesters. The semester in which a course may be offered is subject to change depending on teacher availability and student demand. The University also reserves the right to add or cancel courses in all areas of the curriculum, depending on student demand or other circumstances requiring such action. Such adjustments are made only after careful study and with the student's best interest in mind.

See the Graduate and Professional Studies catalog for courses not listed in this catalog.

770 courses offered:
AATC - 10 Air Traffic Control courses
ACCT - 16 Accounting courses
AERF - 20 Flight Science courses
AERO - 13 Aeronautical Science courses
AVTC - 37 Aircraft Systems courses
BEGR - 14 Biomedical Engineering courses
BIBL - 19 Biblical Studies courses
BIOL - 25 Biology courses
BUSI - 18 Business Administration courses
CCLT - 9 Cross-Cultural Studies courses
CEGR - 4 Computer Engineering courses
CHEM - 27 Chemistry courses
CMIN - 9 Christian Ministry courses
CMWA - 7 Christian Ministry Worship Arts courses
COMM - 10 Communications courses
COSC - 26 Computer Science courses
CRIJ - 2 Criminal Justice courses
CVGR - 18 Civil Engineering courses
DSTC - 14 Design and Manufacturing Technology courses
ECON - 7 Economics courses
EDUC - 30 Teacher Education courses
EEGR - 24 Electrical Engineering courses
EETC - 18 Electrical Engineering Technology courses
ENGL - 23 English courses
ENGR - 18 General Engineering courses
ENVT - 1 Environmental Science course
ESOL - 4 English for Speakers of Other Languages courses
FINC - 7 Finance courses
GDES - 2 Graphic Design courses
GEOG - 1 Geography course
GEOL - 1 Geology course
GETC - 4 General Engineering Technology courses
GREE - 4 Greek courses
HCIT - 1 Health Informatics course
HCMG - 5 Health Care Management courses
HEBR - 2 Hebrew courses
HIST - 18 History courses
HNRS - 8 Honors College courses
HUMA - 2 Humanities courses
INTC - 1 Instructional Technology course
INTL - 4 International Studies courses
KINE - 28 Kinesiology courses
LANG - 5 Language courses
LETU - 1 LeTourneau University course
MATH - 37 Mathematics courses
MBAC - 10 Business Administration - Graduate Study courses
MEGR - 16 Mechanical Engineering courses
METC - 12 Mechanical Engineering Technology courses
MGMT - 14 Management courses
MJEG - 8 Materials Joining Engineering courses
MJET - 7 Materials Joining Engineering and Engineering Technology courses
MJTC - 5 Materials Joining Engineering Technology courses
MKTG - 11 Marketing courses
MUSC - 11 Music courses
NURS - 8 Health Sciences courses
PHIL - 4 Philosophy courses
PHYS - 20 Physics courses
POLS - 8 Political Science courses
PSYC - 54 Psychology courses
READ - 6 Reading courses
SPAN - 12 Spanish courses
TESL - 6 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages courses
THEO - 4 Christian Doctrine courses