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Air Traffic Control (AATC)
Department of Applied Aviation Sciences

AATC 2011   Basic ATC Lab
A practical introduction to the role that Air Traffic Control plays in the operation of the National Airspace System. The core activity of this lab will involve flying with a flight instructor to see and hear ATC interactions first hand while performing a variety of flight operations. (This lab is not required if the student has obtained their FAA Private Pilot Certificate.) Lab 1. Corequisite: AATC 2013 (Fall)

AATC 2013   Basic ATC
This course provides the student with the basic knowledge needed to fulfill the duties of an air traffic controller. Topics include phraseology, regulations, and basic work flow. Course fee $55. Class 3. (Fall)

AATC 2213   Fundamentals of Airspace System Operations
This course provides an in-depth study of the air Traffic Control System and the part it plays in maintaining a safe and efficient air-space system. This includes an understanding of the various segments of the ATC System, their individual responsibilities, and the interrelations of these segments. Documents that regulate the various aspects of ATC system are also examined. Class 3. Prerequisite: AATC 2013, AATC 2011 or a Private Pilot Certificate. Prerequisite or Corequisite: AERF 2103 (Spring)

AATC 2411   ATC Tower Operation Lab
A practical, simulation-based study of control tower operations including the various controller positions and responsibilities. Lab 2. Corequisite: AATC 2413 (Fall)

AATC 2413   ATC Tower Operations
A comprehensive study of tower operations including ground separation, team responsibilities, and regulations. Class 3. Prerequisites: AATC 2213 and AATC 2013. (Fall)

AATC 3101   Air Traffic Radar Systems Lab
A practical, simulation-based study of the radar systems used by air traffic controllers to manage aircraft in the airspace system. Lab 2. Corequisite: AATC 3103 (Spring)

AATC 3103   Air Traffic Radar Systems
A comprehensive study of the work accomplished at an ATC radar facility. Attention given to procedures, an understanding of the various types of equipment used and airspace considerations. Class 3. Prerequisite: AATC 2413. Corequisite: AATC 3101 (Spring)

AATC 3311   Advanced ATC Lab
A simulation-based comprehensive experience from both the control tower and radar perspective. Students work more difficult scenarios in a team environment. Lab 2. Corequisite: AATC 3313 (Summer)

AATC 3313   Advanced ATC
This course serves as a capstone experience where students synthesize the various components of the ATC system as a basis for a study of advanced concepts. A comprehensive review in preparation for the FAA's AT Basics exam. Class 3. Prerequisite: AATC 3103. Corequisite: AATC 3101 (Summer)

AATC 4213   Air Traffic Resource Management
A comprehensive study of the team work needed within the ATC System to run the National Airspace System. This course will also include discussion on human factors, workforce and staffing issues. Class 3. Prerequisites: AATC 2213 and AATC 3313. (Fall)