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Los Angeles Film Studies (LAFS)
Off-Campus Semester and Summer Programs

LAFS 3054   Hollywood Production Workshop
Students work collaboratively in groups to create a festival-ready piece including all the legal documentation and rights to enable the finished production to qualify for festival submission. The course offers students the opportunity to make a motion picture production using Hollywood locations, resources and protocol. All students participate in at least one key role in the production process. Designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced students, this course is taught by professional, experienced Christian filmmakers with credits in the Hollywood industry. Class 4.

LAFS 3123   Professional Screenwriting
This course offers an introduction to contemporary screenwriting including an understanding of dramatic structure, character and dialog development and the writing process. Students complete a full-length screenplay for a feature film or “movie-of-the-week.” Emphasis is given to the role of Christian faith and values as they relate to script content. Class 3.

LAFS 3253   Motion Picture Production
This is an intense, hands-on course in short film production. Students individually write, shoot, direct and edit their own projects. Visual storytelling is achieved through developing skills in directing, cinematography and editing. The course is designed to enable both novice and advanced students to develop their integration of story with technical skill. Class 3.

LAFS 3304   Theology in Hollywood
This course encourages the development of the necessary skills for analysis of the culture of Hollywood, its role in popular culture and the theological intersections therein. Curriculum seeks theological engagement with the culture of Hollywood and cinema by investigating some of the social, ethical and psychological implications of film upon theology. Class 4.

LAFS 3403   Professional Acting for the Camera
An advanced workshop in the practice and process of acting for the camera aimed at students who have a desire to pursue acting as a career. Instruction includes an overview of current camera acting techniques and thorough discussion of the art of acting. The class primarily consists of acting scene work with all scenes being filmed and critiqued on the big screen. Students will also be required to pursue roles in student and independent films. Several class sessions throughout the course will be devoted to the business of acting for film and television in the Hollywood entertainment industry with an emphasis given to developing the materials and relationships necessary for a successful career. Class 3.

LAFS 3603   Independent Study
This course may be set up by special request and arrangement. In order to be considered, students may submit a portfolio and a project proposal. Students with approved projects will be appointed a mentor who is a professional in the Hollywood industry to supervise the project. The number of independent studies offered each semester will be determined by LAFSC faculty, the availability of a suitable mentor and approval from the home school’s film/communications department head. Projects could include further development of a portfolio or reel, critical research, or a senior thesis project. Class 3.

LAFS 4926   Internship
Students complete an unpaid internship in some aspect of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Real-life exposure is provided to the business through placement with major Hollywood companies. Class 6.