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General Engineering (ENGR)
Department of Engineering

ENGR 1043   Engineering Graphics
An introduction to engineering graphics and computer-aided graphics emphasizing solids modeling. A technical communication approach through sketching, orthographic projection, and computer aided graphics. Class 2. Lab 3.

ENGR 1311   Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
Lab experience in basic manufacturing processes including materials separation and materials joining processes including mechanical and thermal processes. Safety issues and the use of precision measuring devices are stressed. Lab 3.

ENGR 1513   Introduction to Engineering Practice I
An introduction to engineering as a career, including problem solving, engineering disciplines, design, teamwork, and communication. An introduction to engineering graphics is included, with an emphasis on solids modeling. Class 2. Lab 3. (Fall)

ENGR 1523   Introduction to Engineering Practice II
An introduction to the engineering design process, including teamwork development, ethics, professionalism, and reporting. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisite: ENGR1513. (Spring)

ENGR 1812   Fundamentals of Engineering Design
Introduction to engineering design concepts through team projects; including elements of goal setting and planning, design synthesis, teamwork, ethics, professionalism, and reporting. Class 2.

ENGR 2122   Instrumentation And Measurements Lab
Introduction to principles of metrology, instrumentation, collection, and analysis of experimental data, including data presentation and report writing. Includes the use of test equipment for electrical, and mechanical measurements including the use of basic measuring, sensing, and data acquisition devices. Class 1. Lab 3. Prerequisite: EEGR 2053.

ENGR 2313   Materials Engineering
Atomic nature of materials including atomic structure, atomic and molecular bonding, crystalline and noncrystalline structures, imperfections, and electronic properties. Basic material properties of metals, organics, and ceramics. Solutions, phase relationships, reactions, modification of properties, stability of materials in service, and composite materials. Class 3. Prerequisites: CHEM 1111, CHEM 1113, MATH 2013 or MATH 1613 and PHYS 2013 or PHYS 1113.

ENGR 2400   Sophomore Design Seminar
Seminar topics emphasizing skills necessary to successfully complete design projects, including the study of design project case studies. Class 1. Prerequisite: ENGR 1523. (Spring)

ENGR 2704   Project Management, Design and Entrepreneurship
An introduction to management aspects of the engineering profession, project management, prioritization of resource allocation, and management of technical design projects. Students are assigned an engineering and/or a business project under the supervision of the faculty member. Students are expected to meet regularly with the faculty member and complete assigned readings and projects as well as give a substantial oral presentation. Class 3. Lab 3. Prerequisite: ENGR1523.

ENGR 3022   Engineering Project Management
Elements and processes of engineering project management including managerial aspects, organizational structures, project scheduling, engineering economics and resource allocation, and project control and evaluation. Processes are applied to a design project. Class 2. Prerequisite: ENGR 1523.

ENGR 3423   Mechatronics
Analysis and design of control systems that contain motors, sensors, and controllers integrated with mechanical components and mechanisms. Topics include system modeling and dynamic analysis, controller design, motor analysis, and applications. Class 3. Prerequisites: EEGR 3213, MATH 2203, MEGR 2023, and PHYS 2023.

ENGR 3813   Engineering Design Methodology
The study of engineering design principles with application to a team project. Topics include: planning the design process, stakeholder analysis, design specifications, functional analysis and concept generation, feasibility estimation, prototyping, and design-for-manufacturing. Project requirements include significant oral and written communication components. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: Junior standing and ENGR 3022..

ENGR 4400   Senior Design Seminar
Seminar topics emphasize skills necessary to successfully complete design projects. Topics may include ethics, standards, environmental impact, sustainability, manufacturability, health, and safety. Economic, social, and political considerations are also addressed. Class 1. Corequisite: ENGR 4813. (Fall)

ENGR 4413   Robotics And Manufacturing Applications
This course presents the engineering theory of robotics with emphasis on the kinematic, dynamic, and control analysis of mechanical manipulators, the design of robotic systems, analysis of end-effectors, programming of industrial robots, the applications of robots in industry, and social and ethical issues of robots. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: MATH 2203 or consent of instructor, and MEGR 2023. (Spring)

ENGR 4653   Advanced Engineering Analysis
Applications of advanced mathematical analysis to model physical phenomena and solve engineering problems. Typical tools include partial differential equations, vector calculus, complex variables, and series solutions. This course is strongly recommended for those students considering engineering graduate study. Class 3. Prerequisite: MATH 2023, MATH 2203.

ENGR 4813   Senior Design I
Applications of design principles to a capstone engineering project. Projects are team based and include developing design specifications, conceptual designs, and final designs. Project requirements include significant oral and written communication components. Examples of projects include intercollegiate competition, industry sponsored, applied research, and service projects. Students pursuing more than one concentration in engineering or engineering technology must complete a two semester sequence in senior design for each concentration. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: Senior standing, ENGR 3813 or MJET 3413 or CVGR 4203 or CVGR 3223 and CVGR 3221, and consent of instructor.. Corequisite: ENGR 4400. (Fall)

ENGR 4823   Senior Design II
Completion of final design, fabrication, testing, and reporting of the engineering design projects initiated in ENGR 4813. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisite: ENGR 4813. (Spring)

ENGR 4940-4993   Special Topics
A one-to-three credit hour course to be utilized for seminars, special lectures or directed studies in topics which are not offered in the catalog, and as a vehicle for developing new courses. Also for individual or group research and design projects. This course may be taken more than one time when the topics are different. Class 1-3.