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Political Science (POLS)
Department of History and Political Science

POLS 2103   Federal, State, And Local Government
The structure and operation of American government on the national, state, and local levels stressing an understanding of legislative and administrative procedure. Special attention is given to Texas government policy and processes. Class 3. Prerequisite: Sophomore or higher standing.

POLS 3203   Introduction To Political Science
A survey of the nature and function of political parties and governments, a study of comparative politics such as democracy and communism, and an analysis of the role of the individual citizen in politics. Class 3. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing. (Spring)

POLS 3951-3953   Pre-law Practicum
The purpose of this practicum is to allow students to be exposed to the legal field and gain insight into a variety of legal operations and procedures. It may involve observation and/or an internship, depending on the needs of the student. The pre-law advisor will work with each student on an individual basis. Class 1-3. (On Demand)

POLS 4103   American Constitutional Law
An introduction to American constitutional law consisting of the study of material from Supreme Court opinions. Readings will cover such topics as federalism, separation of powers, interstate commerce, personal liberty, and civil rights. Class 3. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing. (Spring, Even years)

POLS 4943-4983   Special Topics
A course to be utilized for seminars and special lectures in topics which are not offered on a regular basis. This course may be taken more than one time when the topics are different. Class 3. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.

POLS 4991-4993   Independent Study
An independent study course that will allow the superior student to take advantage of independent research opportunities, government internships, and other unusual academic opportunities. Class 1-3. Prerequisite: permission of the Political Science department.