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Materials Joining Engineering (MJEG)
Department of Engineering

MJEG 3343   Joining of Metals
Application of welding metallurgy principles to fusion welding ferrous and non-ferrous engineering alloys. Specific alloys discussed include carbon, low alloy, HSLA, stainless steels, tool and die steels, aluminum, nickel-based, and titanium alloys. Laboratory includes metallographic sample preparation and evaluation techniques. Class 3. Prerequisites: ENGR 2313 and MJET 3313. (Fall)

MJEG 4123   Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials
Use of elastic and electromagnetic wave/material interactions for dimensional analysis, material property determination, and flaw detection. Basics of liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, ultrasonics, and eddy current testing are covered. Experimental techniques are applied to engineering materials testing, including metals and composites. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: PHYS 2023 and ENGR 2313.

MJEG 4223   Joining of Advanced Materials
Study of the effects of solid-state joining processes on advanced material properties. Dispersion- strengthened metals, powder-metallurgy products, ceramic- and polymeric-composites and dissimilar combinations are discussed with emphasis on interface phenomena. Laboratory includes use of advanced analytical evaluation techniques such as the Scanning Electron Microscope. Class 3. Prerequisite: MJEG 3343. (Spring)

MJEG 4813   Materials Joining Engineering Design I
Mechanical design principles applied to welded structures. Role of residual stresses, distortions, and fatigue on joint design. Process selection, weld sizing, costs, codes, and applications. Applied failure analysis project is completed using design teams. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisite: MEGR 3323; MJEG 3343. (Fall)

MJEG 4823   Materials Joining Engineering Design II
Application of fracture mechanics principles to welded structures. Effect of critical flaw size on brittle failure, NDE methods, and physical simulations are discussed. Senior project based on individual assignments is completed, where all aspects of welding metallurgy, processes, and NDE are included. Class 3. Prerequisite: MJEG 4813. Corequisite: MJEG 4123 (Spring)

MJEG 4941-4993   Special Topics
Individual or group research, development, or design. Special permission only. Class 1-3.