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4th-8th and 8th-12th Combination Certification (COMC)
Requirements List for 2014-2015
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EDUC3133Methods Of Elementary Math And Science Instruction (Fall only) (1)
EDUC4223Teaching The Middle School Student (Fall, Odd years only)
EDUC4283Student Teaching In The Middle School
EDUC4383Student Teaching In The High School
READ3003The Teaching of Reading
Total Hours: 15
Notes: These courses are additional course requirements to History B.A., with Spanish as a Supporting Field; Mathematics, B.S. with Computer Information Systems as a Supporting Field, Mathematics, B.S. with Physics as a Supporting Field, Life Sciences, B.S., Physical Sciences, B.S., Science, B.S., Language Arts, B.A., with Reading as a Supporting Field, or Social Studies, B.A. EDUC 4283 and 4383 replace EDUC 4386 in the Teacher Education Core.
1: EDUC 4133 Methods of Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies Instruction may be substituted for EDUC 3133.