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Department of Theology
Department of Theology
Majors:Biblical Studies, B.A. (BI)Courses offered:
 Biblical Studies, B.S. (BIBS)19 Biblical Studies courses (BIBL)
 Christian Ministry, B.A. (CMIN)11 Christian Ministry courses (CMIN)
     - Childrens Ministry Concentration (CMCM)7 Christian Ministry Worship Arts courses (CMWA)
     - Cross-Cultural Ministry Concentration (CMCC)9 Cross-Cultural Studies courses (CCLT)
     - Ministry Leadership Concentration (CMLC)4 Greek courses (GREE)
     - Worship Arts and Youth Ministry Concentration (CMWY)2 Hebrew courses (HEBR)
     - Worship Arts Concentration (CMWA)9 Music courses (MUSC)
     - Youth Ministry Concentration (CMYM)6 Theology courses (THEO)
 Christian Ministry, B.S. (CMBS) 
     - Childrens Ministry Concentration (CMSM) 
     - Cross-Cultural Concentration (CMSC) 
     - Ministry Leadership Concentration (CMSL) 
     - Youth Ministry Concentration (CMSY) 
Minors:Biblical Languages (BILA) 
 Biblical Studies (BI) 
 Christian Ministry (CMIN) 
 Cross-Cultural Studies (CC) 
 Worship Arts (CMWM) 
Dr. Pat Mays, Chair

Professors: Frazier, Mays
Associate Professors: Kuecker, Mason, V. Roudkovski
Assistant Professors: Cunha, Jonah, Liebengood, Tallon

Across the nation and around the globe, graduates from LeTourneau University’s Department of Theology are known for their innovative and effective ministries and their in-depth biblical insights. Featuring an international faculty with extensive ministry experience and academic credentials, the Department of Theology seeks to develop a broad base of biblical and theological understanding, while integrating ministry skills with biblical principles that can be applied to Christian ministry and to students’ personal lives. Both rigorous academics and practical applications prepare graduates for ministry positions, seminary, and graduate school.

  • Biblical Studies (B.A./B.S.)
  • Christian Ministry (B.A./B.S.)
  • Christian Ministry: Children’s Ministry Concentration (B.A./B.S.)
  • Christian Ministry: Cross-Cultural Ministry Concentration (B.A./B.S.)
  • Christian Ministry: Ministry Leadership Concentration (B.A./B.S.)
  • Christian Ministry: Worship Arts Concentration (B.A.)
  • Christian Ministry: Worship Arts and Youth Ministry Concentration (B.A.)
  • Christian Ministry: Youth Ministry Concentration (B.A./B.S.)
  • Biblical Languages
  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Ministry
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Worship Arts
Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies degree prepares students for scholarly engagement with the biblical text and its social and historical context. Students develop skills that help them to comprehend and articulate the principal themes and argumentation of biblical books, while developing a sensibility for engaging the Bible for the purpose of theological, spiritual, and community formation as it applies to one’s current context. With the embedded Christian Ministry minor, the Biblical Studies degree offers practical ministerial applications to the scholarly study.

The Applied Linguistics Concentration provides foundational study and training for those wanting to pursue Bible translation. Through a cooperative arrangement, students spend one semester at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, Texas, completing the basic training for Bible translators. The degree includes a Biblical Languages minor, making it excellent preparation for those wanting to translate the Bible into the heart language of every people group.

Biblical Studies majors can take advantage of 4 + 1 programs at LeTourneau University. A Biblical Studies B. S. degree provides qualified students space in their course sequence to complete a Bachelors and Masters in five years. Qualified students can choose a Master of Arts in Counseling or a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Department of Psychology.

Christian Ministry

The Christian Ministry program provides excellent classroom instruction in practical ministry, biblical studies, and theological formation, while offering students opportunities to put into practice what is learned in the classroom through hands-on projects, chapel practicums, and ministry internships. Significantly, every Christian Ministry degree has an embedded Biblical Studies Minor. Through concentrations in Children’s Ministry, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Ministry Leadership, Worship Arts, and Youth Ministry, student can focus their ministry preparation in specific areas, allowing the student to address spiritual, administrative, and relational dynamics in various contexts.

The Children’s Ministry Concentration and the Youth Ministry Concentration prepare students to be excellent in relational ministry, meeting children and youth in their context in order to communicate and minister the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, while grounding them biblically and theologically. An internship with a church or other Christian organization gives students hands-on experience in ministry.

The Cross-Cultural Ministry Concentration builds on the tradition of our founder, R. G. LeTourneau, emphasizing the importance of encouraging and training men and women for cross-cultural service. Students study the theory and practice of missiology and then live it out through a cross-cultural internship.

The Ministry Leadership Concentration is a partnership with LeTourneau University’s School of Business, offering classes in Management, Marketing, and Leadership to provide students with practical administrative skills, building on their ministry, biblical, and theological training.

The Worship Arts Concentration prepares students to be rooted and relevant worship leaders. It is rooted in the strong theological and biblical formation that is required of every Christian Ministry major. It is relevant by providing real world experience. Through the Chapel Practicum, the LeTourneau University chapel program, held three times a week in the world-class S. E. Belcher Jr. Chapel and Performance Center, becomes our Worship Arts Students’ “laboratory,” leading the campus community in worship. Additionally, Worship Arts students frequently meet with worship artists who hold concerts at LeTourneau University.

Christian Ministry majors can take advantage of 4 + 1 programs at LeTourneau University. Christian Ministry B. S. degrees provide qualified students space in their course sequence to complete a Bachelors and Masters in five years. Qualified students doing Children’s Ministry, Cross-Cultural Ministry, or Youth Ministry Concentrations can choose a Masters in Counseling or a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Department of Psychology. Students doing a Ministry Leadership Concentration may choose a Masters in Business Administration from the School of Business.


The Department of Theology offers an array of minors--Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Worship Arts—that enhance both Department of Theology majors and other degrees in a variety of disciplines. One of these minors, paired with an Aviation, Business, Education, or Engineering degree makes a strong combination for graduates wanting to work in Christian organizations.