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Catalog 2013-2014
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School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biology
Majors:Biology, B.S. (BYBS)Courses offered:
 Health Sciences B.S. (HSBS)27 Biology courses (BIOL)
 Health Sciences, B.A. (HSBA)1 Environmental Science course (ENVT)
Minor:Biology (BIOL)8 Health Sciences courses (NURS)
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:Life Sciences, B.S. (LSE4)
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Majors:Chemistry, B.S. (CHCH)Courses offered:
     - Biological Concentration (CHBY)1 Geology course (GEOL)
     - Physical Concentration (CHPH)21 Physics courses (PHYS)
 Engineering Physics, B.S. (EPHY)27 Chemistry courses (CHEM)
 Forensic Chemistry, B.S. (CHFO) 
Minors:Chemistry (CHEM) 
 Physics (PHYS) 
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Majors:Physical Sciences, B.S. (PSE4)
 Science Composite, B.S. (SCE4)
Department of Computer Science
Majors:Computer Information Systems, B.S. (CIS)Courses offered:
 Computer Science and Engineering Technology, B.S. (CST)26 Computer Science courses (COSC)
 Computer Science and Engineering, B.S. (CSE) 
 Computer Science and Mathematics, B.S. (CSMA) 
 Computer Science, B.S. (CSBS) 
     - Game Development Concentration (CSGD) 
     - Network Security Concentration (CSNS) 
 Health Information Systems, B.S. (HIS) 
Minor:Computer Science (CS) 
Department of Criminal Justice
Major:Criminal Justice, B.S. (CJBS) 
Department of History and Political Science
Majors:History-Political Science, B.A. (HIPL)Courses offered:
 International Studies, B.A. (INSA)4 International Studies courses (INTL)
Minors:History-Political Science (HIPL)1 Geography course (GEOG)
 International Studies (INST)18 History courses (HIST)
 Legal Studies (LEGL)8 Political Science courses (POLS)
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Majors:History, B.A. with Spanish as Supporting Field (HIE1)
 Social Studies, B.A. (SSE4)
Department of Literature and Language Arts
Majors:Communication, B.A. Integrated Media Management Concentration (COMA)Courses offered:
 Communication, B.S. Integrated Media Management Concentration (COMS)4 Chinese courses (CHIN)
 English Language and Literature, B.A. (ENLL)10 Communications courses (COMM)
Minors:Communication Studies (CMST)2 Graphic Design courses (GDES)
 English Language and Literature (ENGL)23 English courses (ENGL)
 English Language Program (for International Students) (ESOL)4 English for Speakers of Other Languages courses (ESOL)
 Spanish Studies (SPAN)4 German courses (GERM)
 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESL)2 Humanities courses (HUMA)
  5 Language courses (LANG)
  3 Philosophy courses (PHIL)
  13 Spanish courses (SPAN)
  6 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages courses (TESL)
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:English/Language Arts, B.A. (ELE1)
Department of Mathematics
Majors:Mathematics, B.S. (MABS)Courses offered:
     - Applied Statistics Concentration (MAST)38 Mathematics courses (MATH)
     - Biomathematics Concentration (MABY) 
     - Financial Mathematics Concentration (MAFN) 
Minor:Mathematics (MA) 
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:Mathematics Education, B.S. (MAE1)
Department of Theology
Majors:Biblical Studies, B.A. (BI)Courses offered:
 Biblical Studies, B.S. (BIBS)19 Biblical Studies courses (BIBL)
 Christian Ministry, B.A. (CMIN)11 Christian Ministry courses (CMIN)
     - Childrens Ministry Concentration (CMCM)7 Christian Ministry Worship Arts courses (CMWA)
     - Cross-Cultural Ministry Concentration (CMCC)9 Cross-Cultural Studies courses (CCLT)
     - Ministry Leadership Concentration (CMLC)4 Greek courses (GREE)
     - Worship Arts and Youth Ministry Concentration (CMWY)2 Hebrew courses (HEBR)
     - Worship Arts Concentration (CMWA)9 Music courses (MUSC)
     - Youth Ministry Concentration (CMYM)6 Theology courses (THEO)
 Christian Ministry, B.S. (CMBS) 
     - Childrens Ministry Concentration (CMSM) 
     - Cross-Cultural Concentration (CMSC) 
     - Ministry Leadership Concentration (CMSL) 
     - Youth Ministry Concentration (CMSY) 
Minors:Biblical Languages (BILA) 
 Biblical Studies (BI) 
 Christian Ministry (CMIN) 
 Cross-Cultural Studies (CC) 
 Worship Arts (CMWM) 
Dr. Larry J. Frazier, Dean

The School of Arts and Sciences represents the largest and most diverse set of academic studies at LeTourneau University. Arts and Sciences are at the very core of a solid academic foundation, and it is here that all students - regardless of their particular degree - will fulfill the general education requirements that comprise a substantial part of all academic programs. The School of Arts and Sciences offers over one third of the academic majors available at LeTourneau, and includes the following departments:
  • The Department of Theology
  • The Department of Biology
  • The Department of Chemistry and Physics
  • The Department of Computer Science
  • The Department of English
  • The Department of History and Political Science
  • The Department of Mathematics
For more information about the people and programs of the School of Arts and Sciences, consult the school's web page.