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Aeronautical Science (AERO)
Department of Flight Science

AERO 1011   Mission Aviation Vision Trip
A short (2-3 weeks) international field experience with a mission organization designed to provide the student with a realistic picture of mission aviation. This vision trip must be completed with an established mission aviation organization under the supervision of a full time missionary aviator. Evaluation will be based on the supervisorís appraisal of student performance and LeTourneau University faculty evaluation of written assignments. Departmental approval is required and student must have completed one semester at LeTourneau University. This trip should be completed between the freshman and sophomore year and must be completed prior to reaching junior status. Class 1.

AERO 2112   Aerodynamics For Pilots
An in-depth study of low and high speed aerodynamics related to piloting aircraft. Class 2. Prerequisite: AERF 1113.

AERO 2203   Meteorology for Pilots
A study of meteorology as it relates to pilots. Covers low and high altitude weather, weather forecasting, and in-flight weather observations and decision making. Class 3. Prerequisite: AERF 1113.

AERO 2423   Aviation Human Factors
An introduction to the relationship between person and machine. Develops an understanding of the need to optimize design to allow for better person-machine interaction in aviation. Introduces the student to the psychological and physiological limitations of humans in complex operating environments. Class 3. Prerequisites: AERF 1113 and AVTC 1003. (Spring)

AERO 3213   Electronic Navigation And Flight Control Systems
A study of flight deck technology typically found on modern transport aircraft. This course will develop the knowledge for operation and management of autopilots, auto-throttles, electronic flight instrument systems, and flight management systems. Class 3. Prerequisite: AERF 2103. (Spring)

AERO 3823   Aviation Management
An introduction to the principles of aviation management. Topics include management functions, organization, flight and maintenance operations, and safety and liability. Class 3. Prerequisite: AVTC 1003. (Fall)

AERO 4123   Commercial Flight Operations
A study of commercial flight operations governed by 14 CFR Part 121 and 135 including regulations, economic issues, corporate culture, and international issues. Operational topics include flight operations, employment policies, domiciles, operating specifications, type of services provided, training, passenger considerations, decision making, and communications. Class 3. Prerequisite: AERF 3103. (Spring)

AERO 4133   Crew Resource Management
An in-depth study of Crew Resource Management which involves having a complete understanding of the flight deck environment and the proper utilization of all resources available to an aviator. This course gives the student a thorough indoctrination to CRM, including areas of leadership, communications, and management as they apply to the modern air transport pilot. Class 3. Prerequisite: AERF 3103. (Fall)

AERO 4153   Aviation Safety Factors
A comprehensive view of safety programs in aviation business. Study includes safety program organizations, accident investigation, accident and incident reporting, and modifying organizational behavior toward the goal of embracing a culture of safety.

This course is offered through the nontraditional program.
Class 3.

AERO 4163   Aviation Law
Designed to cover the scope of all regulations concerning domestic and international aviation
(traffic rules, agencies, operation, aircraft, and people) in accordance with international, federal,
state, and local agencies. Includes case histories, liens, security interest in aircraft, international
conferences, bilateral and multilateral agreements, and criminal statutes. Case studies and
assignments will include domestic and international scenarios.
Class 3. Prerequisite: AERO 3823.

AERO 4823   Aviation Management Capstone
This course serves as the capstone experience for aviation management and aviation studies students. Students will draw on skills learned in their major courses to demonstrate their ability to evaluate aviation management scenarios using case studies. The class will also discuss strategies regarding the integration of faith in their work in the field of aviation.

This course is offered through the nontraditional program.
Class 3. Prerequisites: AERO 2423, AERO 3823, AERO 4153, AERO 4163, BUSI3723, and BUSI 3873..

AERO 4901-4994   Special Topics
A course to be utilized for seminars and special lectures and flight training which are not offered on a regular basis. This course may be utilized for classroom, flight training, or lab credit. Lab credit will be issued for projects requiring a high level of practical application. Credit from this course is not applicable to basic FAA requirements. This course may be taken more than one time when the topics are different. Class 1-4. Lab 1-4. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.