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Honors College
Honors College
  Courses offered:
  7 Honors College courses (HNRS)
The Honors College challenges academically talented and highly motivated students to reach their full intellectual, social, spiritual, and leadership potential in a global society. Within an active learning environment, the Honors College fosters ingenuity in independent and collective problem solving, enabling the students to relate learning to experiential practice. The Honors College offers opportunities to integrate faith and learning; to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas; to express concepts and research effectively; and to broaden intellectual horizons through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Participation in and completion of the Honors College program requires no additional fees and the College is available to qualified students regardless of their chosen major.

Participation Requirements LeTourneau University Honors College participants must complete at least 16 credit hours of Honors courses (12 hours of Honors general education courses and 4, one-hour Honors Seminars). During the freshman year, students enroll in up to four honors courses: Honors Seminar, Biblical Worldview, Honors English Composition I (if needed) and Honors English Composition II. Students must take two three-hour honors courses and two one-hour honors seminars during the sophomore and junior years.

The Honors experience is specifically tailored for students in the School of Engineering through an Honors Engineering Track. This track requires a total of 21 hours of Honors courses and seminars (6 hours of Honors general education courses, 3 one-hour Honors Seminars, and 12 hours of Honors Engineering courses). During the freshman year, students will be enrolled in the Honors Intro to Engineering course.

Any additional Honors courses may be taken as desired. The Honors College student and his or her academic advisor will choose from honors courses offered each semester.

Upon completion of the Honors College, student diplomas will reflect this achievement, and students will be recognized at commencement. Additionally, the students' permanent academic records at LeTourneau University will reflect participation in the Honors College.

In addition to the academic requirements, Honors College students participate in various social events and service opportunities. All first-year Honors students are required to live in the Honors Commons, in Davis Hall, to foster a sense of community and accountability.

Admission Process A select number of students are admitted to the College each fall. The selection process is highly competitive considering outstanding academic achievement as well as extracurricular involvement. Applicants should enjoy thinking deeply about ideas and participating in lively classroom discussions. Those who would enjoy such a program are invited to apply, at www.letu.edu/honors. Contact: Kate Gronewald, Assistant Director of the Honors College LeTourneau University, P.O. Box 7001, Longview, TX 75607-7001. Telephone: 903-233-4396; Fax: 903-233-3259; Email: KateGronewald@letu.edu