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Electrical Engineering Technology (EETC)
Department of Engineering Technology

EETC 1011   Electronic Fabrication Fundamentals
A hands-on lab course introducing students to electronic circuit fabrication. Topics include: safety, components, connectors, wiring, soldering, prototyping, bread boarding, printed circuit board construction, testing, and packaging. Electronic CAD software will be used for circuit drawing and printed circuit board layout. Course concepts will be reinforced through student projects. Lab 3. (Fall)

EETC 1021   DC Electricity Laboratory
Experimental practice exercise in the wiring of DC electrical circuits, instrumentation and meter reading, circuit analysis, and lab safety. Lab 2. Corequisite: EETC 1022. (Spring)

EETC 1022   DC Electricity
Principles of electricity covering direct currents and voltages; electrical units, Ohm's Law, power law, Kirchhoff's voltage and current laws, and series, parallel, and series-parallel circuitry. Class 2. Corequisites: EETC 1021 and MATH 1203 or MATH 1303, or consent of instructor. (Spring)

EETC 1041   AC Electricity Laboratory
Experimental practice exercises in the wiring and measurements of AC electrical circuits. Lab safety and report writing are emphasized. Lab 2. Prerequisite: EETC 1021 or AVTC 1401. Corequisites: EETC 1042 and ENGL 1013. (Fall)

EETC 1042   AC Electricity
Phasor algebra, AC series and parallel circuits, circuit resonance, power factor correction, AC voltage measurements, impedance, transformers, and filter networks. Class 2. Prerequisites: EETC 1022 or AVTC 1403, and MATH 1252. Corequisite: EETC 1041. (Fall)

EETC 2313   Electronics I
Basic solid state study of discrete component devices and circuits such as power supplies and amplifiers using diodes and transistors including field-effect transistors. Class 2. Lab 2. Prerequisites: EETC 1041 and EETC 1042. (Spring)

EETC 2324   Electronics II
Solid state study primarily of integrated circuits such as operational amplifiers, active filters, and voltage regulators. Amplifier frequency response and some discrete components such as thyristors, unijunction transistors and optoelectronic devices will also be studied. Class 3. Lab 2. Prerequisites: EETC 2313 and MATH 1603. (Fall)

EETC 3213   Digital Electronics
Number systems; switching algebra and combinational logic design; logic gate circuits; latches, flip-flops, counters, registers, multiplexers, and memory devices; data coding and error detection; applications of digital circuits. Class 2. Lab 2. Prerequisites: EETC 1021, EETC 1022, or AVTC 1401, AVTC 1403, and MATH 1203 or MATH 1303. (Spring)

EETC 3413   Electrical Machinery
A study of the theory, construction, operation, and control of electrical generators, motors, transformers, and converters. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: EETC 1041 and EETC 1042. (Fall)

EETC 3513   Electronic Communications
A study of various means, circuits, and systems for transmitting intelligence electronically. Includes noise considerations, AM, SSB, FM, TV, microwave, fiber optics, transmission lines and antennas. Class 2. Lab 2. Prerequisites: EETC 2313 and MATH 1603. (Fall)

EETC 4213   Introduction To Microcontrollers
Application of digital and logic concepts; the study of microcontroller function and use; assembly language programming. Class 2. Lab 2. Prerequisite: EETC 3213. (Fall)

EETC 4233   Instrumentation And Controls
A study of instrumentation and control systems including analog, digital, and programmable controllers used in both open- and closed-loop control systems. Applications of the different types of control systems along with sensors, transducers, and final correcting devices are studied. Class 2. Lab 2. Prerequisites: EETC 3213 and MATH 1613. (Fall)

EETC 4543   Digital Communications And Processes
Fundamental concepts of digital signal processing with emphasis on digital communications and digital processors. Applications include signal filtering, digital audio, and digital video processing. Class 2. Lab 2. Prerequisites: EETC 3513 and MATH 1613. (Spring)

EETC 4941-4993   Special Topics
Individual or group research, development, or design. Special permission only. Class 1-3.