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Catalog 2013-2014
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Materials Joining Engineering and Engineering Technology (MJET)
Department of Engineering Technology

MJET 2021   Materials Joining Fundamentals Laboratory
Laboratory experience in welding, using low hydrogen, other shielded metal arc electrodes, and gas tungsten arc welding. Lab 3. Prerequisite: ENGR 1311. Corequisites: MJET 2022

MJET 2022   Materials Joining Fundamentals
Fundamentals of welding, theory and principles. Includes basic welding power sources, electric arcs, electrode classifications, welding symbols, joint selection and preparation, introduction to welding processes, procedures, economics, and cost estimation. Class 2. Prerequisite: ENGR 1311. Corequisite: MJET 2021

MJET 2623   Joining Processes
A study of 13 different welding and related methods of joining metals. Laboratory experience includes such processes as laser beam, ultrasonic spot, atomic hydrogen, electric resistance spot, arc air gouging, and submerged arc welding. Mechanical testing and metallography of completed welds is included. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: MJET 2021 and MJET 2022. (Fall)

MJET 3313   Materials Science of Joining
Basic study of microstructural changes associated with welding thermal cycles; non-equilibrium solidification and heat-affected zone transformation phenomena; microstructure/property relationships, weld discontinuity formation, and weldability testing. Class 3. Prerequisite: ENGR 2313. (Spring)

MJET 3413   Design Topics in Materials Joining
Topics include conventional and modern methods of joint design for static, dynamic, and cyclic loading; effects and control of residual stresses and distortion; fracture mechanics, limit load, and reliability-based methods with application to flaw assessment; service temperature and environment considerations; structural life improvement, principles of failure diagnosis, and use of numerical methods; quality concepts, codes and standards, cost estimation, and process selection. Class 3. Prerequisite: ENGR 2313. Corequisite: MEGR 3323 or METC 3323 (Spring)

MJET 4941-4993   Special Topics
Individual or group research, development, or design. Special permission only. Class 1-3.