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Flight Instructor Multiengine (FIM)
Requirements List for 2013-2014
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AERF 4601   Flight Instructor Single Engine Flight
Provides the flight and ground training necessary to add the Single Engine Airplane to the Multi-engine Flight Instructor Certificate (MEI). Includes approximately 3 hours of single engine airplane and 5 hours of Flight Training Device time. Lab 3. Prerequisite or Corequisite: Flight Instructor Certificate for Multi-engine airplanes (MEI).
AERF 4602   Flight Instructor Initial Flight MEI
Provides training for the in-flight skill required for the Multi-engine Flight Instructor Certificate (MEI). Additional Flight Instructor Ratings that can be added to this certificate are the Single Engine Airplane (AERF 4601) and Instrument Instructor (AERF 4611). Includes approximately 20 hours of flight time. Lab 3. Prerequisites: AERF 3103, AERF 4603, a Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate with Instrument Rating, and the recommendation of senior flight department staff.
AERF 4603   Flight Instructor Theory
A study in the fundamentals of instructing, flight maneuvers, advanced instrument flight, and Federal Aviation Regulations pertaining to flight instructor. A person successfully completing the course may take written examinations required for the flight instructor - airplane and equipment, and for the ground instructor - basic, advanced, and instrument. Class 3. Prerequisite or Corequisite: AERF 3512 or AERF 3522.
AERF 4611   Flight Instructor Instrument Flight Add-On
This course provides the flight and ground training necessary to add the Flight Instructor Instrument Rating to a Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI). Includes approximately 3 hours of flight time and 5 hours of time in an Aviation Training Device (ATD) . Lab 3. Prerequisites or Corequisites: AERF 4601 or AERF 4632, and Flight Instructor Certificate.
AERO 2112   Aerodynamics For Pilots
An in-depth study of low and high speed aerodynamics related to piloting aircraft. Class 2. Prerequisite: AERF 1113.
AERO 2203   Meteorology for Pilots
A study of meteorology as it relates to pilots. Covers low and high altitude weather, weather forecasting, and in-flight weather observations and decision making. Class 3. Prerequisite: AERF 1113.
      Aeronautical Science Elective
Any AERF, AERO,AVTC, or AATC course for which the student has the prerequisites. 6 total hours needed.
Total Hours: 18
Notes: An additional 6 hours from any AERF, AERO, AVTC, or AATC course for which they have the prerequisites for a total of 18 hours.