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Worship Arts (CMWM)
Requirements List for 2013-2014
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CMWA 2003   Foundations of Worship
A study of biblical and theological underpinnings of worship as seen in the history of Christian worship. An overview from the Old Testament and the New Testament sets a biblical foundation guiding the discussion in looking at worship practice from the time of the early church to the church today. Throughout the course the major components of Christian worship will be identified and studied. Class 3. Prerequisite: BIBL 1033 or BIBL 1043.
CMWA 2103   Worship Leadership
A study of common worship service components and their delivery, including the meaning and practice of a variety of Church rituals such as preaching, communion, baptism, parent/child dedications, funerals, weddings, and seasonal days. Consideration is given to broadening and deepening students' understanding of the relationship between overall worship service design and individual worship elements, providing a general view of the purpose of worship and the role of the worship leader. Class 3.
CMWA 3103   Multimedia and Technology for Worship
A course studying the use of media and technology in ministry. Theological and philosophical discussion on the use of technology in the church will explore a variety of pastoral sensibilities and implications of the use of technology in worship ministry. Students will experience practical hands-on training in the major technologies used in many churches today (lights, sound, video/projection). Class 3.
CMWA 3203   Worship Planning and Resources
A course studying the methods, materials, and motivations in planning worship for corporate expression. Based on biblical and historical foundations of worship the course will study various philosophies of planning worship and their implications. The student will discover evaluative guidelines for worship services. The administrative side of worship planning will include strategic planning and recruitment methods/issues. Class 3.
CMWA 4003   Chapel Worship Practicum
The practicum is designed to study a variety of issues inherent in developing a well-rounded view of worship arts for local church ministry. The student will experience planning, leading, thinking, and practice of worship arts ministry as applied to the university's chapel program. CMWA and CMWY majors will take the course each semester and receive credit their final full semester before graduation. Evaluation for the course will be based on accumulative participation during a student's residency. Class 0,3. Students may choose from the options listed above. 3 total hours needed.
CMWA 4103   Worship Arts as Spiritual Formation
A course exploring the connection between the acts and materials of worship to the spiritual formation of the leaders and congregants. The Christian use of time, space, music, scripture, and prayer will be studied. Introduction to the use and meaning of rituals, symbols, and the theory of communication will guide the development of a working philosophy of worship as spiritual formation. Class 3. Prerequisites: CMWA 2103 or CMWA3203.
Total Hours: 18
Notes: Students may choose from one of the following options:

Option 1:
CMWA 4103 Worship Arts As Spiritual Formation

Option 2:
CMWA 49X1 Special Topics (repeatable once)(2 hrs)
MUSC 2101 University Chorus or MUSC 1701 Jazz Band (1 hr)

Option 3:
MUSC 2003 Music Basics