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Marketing (MARK)
Requirements List for 2013-2014
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ECON 2103   Macroeconomics
An introduction to the nature and theory of Economics and the theoretical tools of macroeconomics. The course includes the introduction of supply and demand, examination of national income accounting, the role of government to include fiscal and monetary policy, the American banking system, and international trade. Class 3. (Fall)
MGMT 2303   Principles Of Management
An introductory survey to the fundamental principles of management and the functions of planning, organizing, and controlling. The course provides the student with a basis for thinking about complex business operations as they relate to the management process. Class 3.
MKTG 2503   Principles Of Marketing
Foundational course in the study of business where the emphasis is on studying the marketing concept of discovering and satisfying needs for products (goods, services, and intellectual property). The marketing functions/marketing mix of product, price, promotion and place (distribution) are studied along with creating customer value within the marketing environmental forces, constraints of the organizational resources, and a relationship marketing dynamic. The development of a marketing plan for a real product brings all this study to a practical understanding and application, preparing the student for the real world experience. Class 3.
MKTG     Marketing Elective
Marketing Electives may be chosen from:
MKTG 3503 Advertising
MKTG 3513 Public Relations
MKTG 4103 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 4303 International Marketing
MKTG 4403 Sales Management
MKTG 4413 E-Commerce Marketing
MKTG 4503 Marketing Research
MKTG 4513 Marketing Management
Class 3. 9 total hours needed.
Total Hours: 18
Notes: Marketing electives may be chosen from:
MKTG 3503 Advertising (Fall, Odd years)
MKTG 3513 Public Relations (Spring, Odd years)
MKTG 4103 Consumer Behavior (Fall, Even years)
MKTG 4303 International Marketing (Fall, Odd years)
MKTG 4403 Sales Management (Spring, Even years)
MKTG 4413 Digital Marketing (Spring, Odd years)
MKTG 4503 Marketing Research (Spring, Even years)
MKTG 4513 Marketing Management (Fall, Even years)