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Management (MANA)
Requirements List for 2013-2014
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MGMT 2303   Principles Of Management
An introductory survey to the fundamental principles of management and the functions of planning, organizing, and controlling. The course provides the student with a basis for thinking about complex business operations as they relate to the management process. Class 3.
MGMT 3203   Human Resource Management
A study of business manpower strategies, human needs, position requirements, interviewing techniques, technical and human relations, motivation theories, training and wage administration involved in maintaining the work force. Class 3. Prerequisite: MGMT 2303. (Spring)
MGMT 3313   Organizational Behavior
The study of various organizational structure models and supporting theory; organizations as complex system; organizational behavior; individual and group dynamics in the business environment; organization development and change. Class 3. Prerequisite: MGMT 2303.
MGMT     Management Electives
Management Electives may be chosen from:
FINC 3203 Risk Management
MGMT 4103 Compensation & Benefits
MGMT 4203 Staffing
MGMT 4303 Production Ops Management
MGMT 4313 Conflict Resolution
MGMT 4343 Quality Management
MGMT 4363 Project Management
MGMT 4403 Leading Organizational Change
Class 3. 9 total hours needed.
Total Hours: 18
Notes: Management electives may be chosen from:
BMGT 4103 Compensation & Benefits (Fall, Odd years)
BMGT 4203 Staffing (Spring, Odd years)
BMGT 4303 Production Ops Management (Fall)
BMGT 4313 Conflict Resolution (Fall, Even years)
BMGT 4343 Quality Management (Spring, Odd years)
BMGT 4363 Project Management (Spring, Even years)
BMGT 4403 Leading Organizational Change (Spring, Even years)
BMKT 4513 Marketing Management (Fall, Even years)