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Computer Science (CS)
Requirements List for 2013-2014
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COSC 1303   Computer Science I
An introduction to the field of computer science. Problem solving strategies, basic data structures, and an introduction to algorithms in the context of a modern programming language. A first course in programming with an emphases on scientific and engineering applications. Class 2. Lab 1.
COSC 2103   Computer Science II
A second semester study of computing principles. Abstract data types, object-oriented programming concepts, and introductory topics of graphical-user interfaces, unit testing, and file structures. Students hone their problem solving skills through a variety of programming assignments. Class 3. Prerequisite: COSC 1303 or consent of instructor.
COSC 2203   Data Structures
A second-year course in data structures and algorithms. Topics include commonly used data structures, recursive algorithms, computational complexity, sorting and searching techniques, and an introduction to run-time storage management. Course assignments emphasize both program design and implementation. Class 3. Prerequisites: COSC 2103 and MATH 1803.
COSC     Jr.-Sr. Level Elective
Any Junior or Senior (3000 or 4000) level Computer Science (COSC) course. Class 3. 9 total hours needed.
Total Hours: 18