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Cross-Cultural Studies (CC)
Requirements List for 2013-2014
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CCLT 1013   Contemporary World Missions
A survey of missionary endeavor in the contemporary world, the principles of missions, and the Biblical basis for missions. Included also are the relationships between the western missionary and non-missionary personnel and the national church. Class 3. (Fall)
      Cross-Cultural Electives
Cross-Cultural Electives may be chosen from:
CCLT 1203 Cross-Cultural Adaptation
CCLT 2103 Cross-Cultural Communication
CCLT 3103 Cultural Anthropology
CCLT 4003 Cross-Cultural Internship
CCLT 49x3 Special Topics
CMIN 3303 Evangelism and Discipleship
Class 3. 15 total hours needed.
Total Hours: 18
Notes: Fifteen hours of electives may be chosen from:
CCLT 2103 Cross-Cultural Communication (Spring, Odd years)
CCLT 3103 Cultural Anthropology (Fall, Odd years)
CCLT 3203 Religions of the World (Spring)
CCLT 4003 Cross-Cultural Internship (On Demand)
CCLT 4103 Biblical and Strategic Paradigms for Mission
CCLT 4943 Special Topics
CMIN 3303 Evangelism and Discipleship (Spring, Even years)