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ECON 3403
The Economics Poverty and Micro-Finance
Class hours: 3
Lab hours:
Semesters Available: Spring
Years Available: Odd
This course explores the dimensions and causes of poverty and seeks to identify person-empowering, poverty-reducing/wealth-generating solutions. The geographic focus of the course will be some combination of the following: international, national, regional, or local. Questions about what causes poverty and why poor people stay poor are addressed as part of the study. As possible solutions to poverty, this course includes a comprehensive study of micro-finance and micro-enterprises. It is a study of the principles and methods for micro-lending and micro-financing for people with no monetary resource or collateral to fund their enterprises. It provides an overview of micro-finance by addressing a range of issues. Critical economic and financial reasoning is encouraged to understand and propose solutions to eradicate poverty.
Prerequisites: ECON 2103, ECON 2203, and BUSI 2503.

1 program requires this course.
No courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.