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MJEG 3114
Materials Science of Joining
Class hours: 3
Lab hours: 3
Semesters Available: Spring
Years Available: All
Microstructural changes due to welding thermal cycles; non-equilibrium solidification and heat-affected zone phenomena; microstructure/property relationships, weld discontinuity formation, and weldability testing are taught. Fusion zone and partially Melted Zone liquation and cracking, as well as hydrogen- and reheat cracking susceptibilities are discussed. Carbon, low alloy, High Strength Low Alloyed steel, High Performance plate steels, stainless steels, tool and die steels are discussed. Laboratory on weldability testing, metallographic sample preparation, hardness and optic/electron microscopy.
Prerequisites: MJET 2023, MJET 3502.

1 program requires this course.
1 course requires this as a prerequisite or corequisite.