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Catalog 2013-2014
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  General Elective

Programs that require General Elective:
Aeronautical Science
Department of Applied Aviation Sciences
Air Traffic Control, A.S. (AATC)
Air Traffic Management, B.S. (AATM)
Aviation Studies, B.S. (AAST)
Department of Flight Science
Mission Aviation, B.S. Maintenance Concentration (AAMM)
Professional Flight, B.S. (AFPP)
Professional Flight, B.S. Military Concentration (AFML)
School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biology
Health Sciences B.S. (HSBS)
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Chemistry, B.S. (CHCH)
Chemistry, B.S. Biological Concentration (CHBY)
Chemistry, B.S. Physical Concentration (CHPH)
Engineering Physics, B.S. (EPHY)
Forensic Chemistry, B.S. (CHFO)
Department of Computer Science
Computer Science, B.S. Game Development Concentration (CSGD)
Health Information Systems, B.S. (HIS)
Department of Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice, B.S. (CJBS)
Department of Literature and Language Arts
Communication, B.S. Integrated Media Management Concentration (COMS)
Department of Mathematics
Mathematics, B.S. (MABS)
Mathematics, B.S. Applied Statistics Concentration (MAST)
Mathematics, B.S. Biomathematics Concentration (MABY)
Mathematics, B.S. Financial Mathematics Concentration (MAFN)
Department of Theology
Biblical Studies, B.S. (BIBS)
Christian Ministry, B.A. Worship Arts and Youth Ministry Concentration (CMWY)
Christian Ministry, B.S. (CMBS)
Christian Ministry, B.S. Childrens Ministry Concentration (CMSM)
Christian Ministry, B.S. Cross-Cultural Concentration (CMSC)
Christian Ministry, B.S. Ministry Leadership Concentration (CMSL)
Christian Ministry, B.S. Youth Ministry Concentration (CMSY)
School of Business
Accounting and Master of Business Administration (ACCM)
Accounting, B.S. (ACCT)
Business Administration
Business Administration, B.A. (BUBA)
Business Administration, B.S. (BUBS)
Finance, B.S. (FIN)
International Business
International Business, B.S. (IBBS)
Human Resource Management
Management, B.S. Human Resource Management Concentration (MGHR)
Management B.S - General Management - 3 Year Plan (MGT3)
Management, B.S. (MGT)
Marketing, B.S. (MK)
School of Education
Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. (ISBA)
Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. (ISBS)
Department of Kinesiology
Kinesiology, B.S. Sports Communication Concentration (KSC)
Department of Psychology
Child Development, B.S. (PSCD)
Counseling Psychology, B.S. (PSCP)
Counseling Psychology, B.S. and M.A.M.F.T. (PCPM)
Psychology, B.S. (PSYS)
Department of Teacher Education
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Mathematics Education, B.S. (MAE1)
Special Education Supplemental Certification (SESC)
School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Department of Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology, B.S. Electrical Concentration (ET)
Engineering Technology, B.S. Materials Joining Concentration (MJT)