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General Engineering Technology (GETC)
Department of Engineering Technology

GETC 2313   Materials Technology
Atomic and microscale architecture of materials. Material properties, structures, and processing of metals and alloys, plastics, ceramics, and composites. Class 3. Prerequisite: PHYS 1113 or CHEM 1113. (Fall)

GETC 3323   Modern Manufacturing Methods
A survey of modern manufacturing equipment and processes used for converting raw materials to finished products, including various methods of machining, casting and forming. Course also introduces composite manufacturing and more nontraditional processes and general manufacturing principles such as quality control and just-in-time and six sigma methods. Class 3. Prerequisite: GETC 2313 or ENGR 2313. (Spring)

GETC 4301   Seminar in Technology Education
This seminar will serve as a capstone class for teacher education majors. It will emphasize theories and practical application of teaching in a technology education classroom. Class 1. Prerequisite: Senior Level Teacher Education Major. (Fall)

GETC 4941-4993   Special Topics
Individual or group research, development, or design. Special permission only. Class 1-3.