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Catalog 2012-2013
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School of Aeronautical Science
Department of Applied Aviation Sciences
Majors:Air Traffic Control, A.S. (AATC)Courses offered:
 Air Traffic Management, B.S. (AATM)10 Air Traffic Control courses (AATC)
     - Professional Flight Concentration (AATF)37 Aircraft Systems courses (AVTC)
 Aircraft Systems, B.S. (AAAS) 
     - Computer Science Concentration (AACS) 
     - Design Technology Concentration (AADT) 
     - Electrical Technology Concentration (AAET) 
     - Maintenance Management Concentration (AAMG) 
     - Mechanical Technology Concentration (AAMT) 
 Aviation Studies, B.S. (AAST) 
Department of Flight Science
Majors:Aeronautical Science, B.S. (AFFS)Courses offered:
     - Mission Aviation Concentration (AFMI)20 Flight Science courses (AERF)
 Professional Flight, B.S. (AFPP)13 Aeronautical Science courses (AERO)
     - Management Concentration (AFMG) 
     - Marketing Concentration (AFMK) 
     - Military Concentration (AFML) 
Minor:Professional Flight (FL) 
Certificate:Private Pilot Certificate (PP) 
Mr. Fred L. Ritchey, Dean

Professors: Bitikofer, Fortier, Ritchey
Associate Professors: Chase, Farrell
Assistant Professors: Poelman, P. Rispin, Scroggins, Wooden
Instructors: Foulk, Kintner, Teerink, Visser

LeTourneau University is known for having one of the very best four-year aeronautical science programs in the industry. The School of Aeronautical Science offers a variety of majors and concentrations allowing the student to tailor their education to their specific interests. Our graduates have distinguished themselves around the globe as ethical, competent and committed aviation professionals. They work in all segments of the aviation industry including; air traffic control, mission aviation, corporate and commercial aviation, and as officers and pilots in the U.S. military.

Students in other academic programs also have the options of obtaining a minor in Professional Flight or the Private Pilot Certificate. Course descriptions and the requirements for each major and concentration are linked above. For more information about the people and programs of the School of Aeronautical Science, consult the school's web site.