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International Studies (INST)
Requirements List for 2012-2013
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INTL 2103   Introduction to International Relations
The theories of international relations and the methods of diplomacy will be analyzed in the context of a global society. How international crises may be resolved or decreased in intensity will also be studied by examining such topics as the causes of war and the role of non-state factors such as nationalism and terrorism. Class 3. (Spring)
INTL 3113   International Politics
The foreign policies of the major powers will be studied as well as the internal factors which motivate nation-state goals. The impact and role of lesser powers as well as international organizations on global politics will also be examined. Class 3. (Spring)
      Language Electives
Class 3. 6 total hours needed.
      Major Electives
Upper-division courses in the student's academic major which have an international, cross-cultural emphasis. The student should work with his Advisor to determine what courses will fill this requirement. Class 3. 6 total hours needed.
Total Hours: 18